This Is Why Bill Cassidy Isn’t Going To Be Louisiana’s Governor

Honestly, we didn’t give up on Bill Cassidy because of his idiotic vote to impeach President Trump after the man had already left office and after Cassidy had voted against the constitutionality of the impeachment. That was more than enough reason to turn on Cassidy, who had just run for re-election in November 2020 as the Trumpiest Trump who ever Trumped.

We’d had enough of Cassidy before that. We’d been irritated with him over the fact that of all the Republicans in the Senate Cassidy had been the most consistently wedded to the Stupid Party ideal. Making disadvantageous deals with Democrats and going out on a limb for no reason.

A perfect example, though at the time we gave him a pass on it, was Cassidy’s moronic “Jimmy Kimmel test,” in which he simped for a partisan-leftist comedian who took all his talking points from Chuck Schumer. Cassidy put his head in that lion’s mouth and got it eaten, and he made his supporters look as dumb as he is.

Then after the impeachment Cassidy went full Stupid Party, lecturing his fellow Republicans about how the party needs to be about good policies rather than relitigating the 2020 election. Except the “good policies” he was talking about included the catastrophically stupid $1.3 trillion bacchanal “infrastructure” bill, which contained less than $200 billion of actual infrastructure and more than a trillion dollars of utter waste and disastrous left-wing governmental expansion; the effect of that bill is inflation pushing double figures in the middle of a recession.

Now the stock market is in the midst of a rolling crash, there are shortages of all kinds of things, gas prices are starting to get beyond the range working-class Americans can afford to drive and the public is ready for an outright revolt.

And as Jeff Crouere noted this morning, the rank-and-file inside the Republican Party has absolutely had it with Stupid Party Republicans like Bill Cassidy. There’s a real opportunity for a revivalist movement in the GOP to seize control of a chunk of American politics this fall in preparation for a 2024 election which could either bring Donald Trump back to power or even give us a President DeSantis.

In other words, none of the momentum out there attaches itself to Bill Cassidy.

But even if you don’t buy into this revivalist narrative, something that happened over the weekend should tell you how dead a walking politician Cassidy is.

We had been told for a while earlier this spring that Bill Cassidy was destined to be Louisiana’s next governor because he was the Never Trump Republican who could get Democrat votes. We had white Democrat pundits like Ron Faucheux, who calls himself nonpartisan, and white Democrat news organs like the Advocate, which purports to call itself objective while taking seven-figure payments from left-wing nonprofits like the Ford Foundation to do hit pieces on conservatives, telling us that Cassidy was our next governor in the making. Most people saw that and laughed; the assumption that Cassidy would make the runoff, where he would supposedly win either against a Democrat or a revivalist conservative like Jeff Landry, is based on a lot of things which simply aren’t true.

One being that Bill Cassidy has any political skill.

And that brings us to this weekend, when Cassidy stepped on his crank in fine fashion. There was this…

That whole thing is boring and you probably don’t want to listen to it, but one chunk of it was useful to explain how bad he is…

“About a third of our population is African American; African Americans have a higher incidence of maternal mortality. So, if you correct our population for race, we’re not as much of an outlier as it’d otherwise appear,” Sen. Cassidy said during the interview. “Now, I say that not to minimize the issue but to focus the issue as to where it would be. For whatever reason, people of color have a higher incidence of maternal mortality.”

What he’s talking about is that Louisiana has a maternal mortality rate of 58.1 per 100,000 live births. The national average is 17.4. Cassidy is saying that it’s all black people dying, so really it’s not that the state is doing anything wrong to get so high a rate.

Factually, he’s probably correct – at least in the sense that you have conditions particularly within Louisiana’s black population which contribute to all kinds of horrors including maternal and infant mortality, not to mention off-the-charts crime rates, horrid educational outcomes, poverty, homelessness, joblessness, bad credit ratings and on and on.


Everybody knows this. Somebody who had credibility within his own voting base might be able to carry a conversation on the topic which might end in some truths being told and perhaps even some solutions.

But Bill Cassidy isn’t articulate enough for this discussion. All he did was to bring a mountain of invective down on his head. There was a lot of this…

Gwen Moore is an abject moron, so you’ll know, but in this case that isn’t the operating factor. She’s being intentionally obtuse in assuming, as though she was pre-redpill Kanye West, that “Bill Cassidy doesn’t care about black people!” Cassidy has been serving black people as a Medicaid doctor for decades – he’s probably done more for the black community in Louisiana than Gwen Moore has in Milwaukee, where she occupies the black Democrat fiefdom that is Wisconsin’s 4th Congressional District seat.

The point, though, is that all this was entirely foreseeable. If you’re Bill Cassidy you don’t even bother to bring race into this discussion unless you have a plan to start from the beginning and build an entire narrative around it. For example, he’s a Medicaid doctor so he could talk about how black people in Louisiana are overwhelmingly Medicaid patients and how the system has completely screwed over that population by disincentivizing proper self-care for pregnant mothers and contributing to health outcomes which are no better than having no health insurance at all. Then he could be explaining that getting as many people off Medicaid as possible and into a better health plan run by private-sector operators is crucial for fixing bad numbers like the maternal mortality rate, and he could say that this is an example of how Democrat welfare-state policies have stuck it to black people and it needs to stop.

But nope. He just jumped straight to the part where it’s black people’s fault that the maternal mortality rate is so high. And made himself racist in the bargain.

Which by extension makes all Republicans racist.

Thanks a lot, Bill.

It’s classic Stupid Party. It’s Sideshow Bob stepping on every rake in the yard.

And like Sideshow Bob, he didn’t stop…

But here’s the thing: we don’t claim this guy. Not anymore. He’s roundly despised by Republican voters in Louisiana and we won’t vote for him again.

Looks like black people won’t either.

So again, to Mr. Faucheux and the geniuses in Louisiana’s Democrat media – exactly how is Bill Cassidy going to be Louisiana’s next governor?



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