Next Stop On The LaToya Cantrell World Tour: Switzerland

The absentee Mayor of New Orleans LaToya Cantrell has announced that she is once again traveling. At this point that is not news. It’s newsworthy when she is in the city she is supposedly governing.

The only newsworthy part of the announcement that she is traveling again is the destination. This time she’s going to Switzerland to sign a sister city agreement with the metropolis of Ascona. While there she is also attending a jazz festival. Hopefully, she behaves herself in their bathrooms.

In the statement released by her office, Cantrell described both cities as “being among their respective continents’ oldest city.” We don’t know if Cantrell got an early start day drinking but that statement is simply not true for either city. New Orleans is not even the oldest city in Louisiana, Natchitoches is. As for Ascona, Switzerland, the city has only been permanently inhabited since the Middle Ages. We don’t have to give a Western Civ 101 course to tell you there are many, many cities in Europe that are older.

No word if LaToya is going to take her hair pick on her latest trip. But she did sell the trip as a way for both cities to learn how to fight the effects of climate change or some other nonsense. Perhaps she can ask their advice on how to fight crime and fix the streets.

Twitter, as you can expect, was not impressed with Cantrell’s latest travel plans.

While her city is falling apart and her people are increasingly the victims of violent crime, Teedy is out collecting stamps. Meanwhile, New Orleans taxpayers are once again footing the bill. Sure your city is unsafe and you have a pothole the size of a crater in your street, but you’re helping the mayor live the high life.


GNOR PAC has a suggestion that New Orleans residents should seriously consider at this point.

On the other hand, when Teedy is traveling she’s not screwing up the city even more. So maybe she should stay on her world tour.



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