BLANCO: The Desperate And Anemic Campaigns

In 2008, the Republican strategy in the primaries was to beat Hillary Clinton. Though not every Republican voted with that in mind, enough Republicans did to nominate a “moderate” named John McCain. In hindsight, a McCain presidency may have been disastrous for the Republican party. Had McCain been faced off with Hillary Clinton, he might have very well have won the presidency, but instead the Democrats nominated a more likeable candidate, even if he were more to the Left.

Looking back at McCain, what would he have accomplished as president? Can you identify his campaign message without doing a duckduckgo search? McCain’s presidential campaign seemed more about wanting to be a former presidential candidate than actually becoming president. And as losers often do, McCain spent much of his time attacking people on his own side instead of actually trying to help the GOP gain seats. That was one of the most anemic presidential campaigns in recent memory.

Going into the midterms, Democrats are fueled by the excitement of the Biden presidency. They are overly impressed with his accomplishments. They will claim that Pendejoe is bringing gas prices down all by himself and doing so while he has the tenacity to fight off Covid. Though it turns out that inflation isn’t transitory like Pendejoe said it was, but he didn’t get it wrong, other people did and he was right, somehow.

The problem with this campaign message from the Democrats is that it is simply an incorrect assessment. Gas prices were already dropping as we here noted both prior to and after his speech where stated he was working to bring down gas prices. His personal battle against Covid comes 1 year after he told the American people if you get vaccinated, you won’t catch Covid.

Yet, he’s been vaccinated and had his booster shots.

As for “transitory” inflation, not only was he wrong, but inflation is also now becoming a huge strain on the family budget. What’s now not being spent at the pump is now being spent elsewhere. The only good thing coming out of this economy is that we’ll lose that unwanted weight by going on the Biden diet. That’s when you go to the grocery store, see the prices, and say, “I guess I can’t eat that anymore.” Families are at the extreme edges of their budgets and the Biden administration seems to be behind the eight ball on every issue.

It wouldn’t be so bad if the Democrats had an issue to campaign on, but they are jumping from issue to issue with no real direction. They spent the past year and a half impeaching President Trump for a third time. Much as the GOP voters misread the 2008 Democrats and nominated a guy to beat Hillary Clinton, the Democrats are completely focused on beating Donald Trump in 2024. We don’t even know if he’ll be the nominee, though expectations are that he will run. And while the members of the J6 Cadaver Synod committee are mostly safe, it would be wise for their opponents to hammer them for spending their time in congress chasing Donald Trump instead of focusing on the important issues that families are struggling with. While J6 might have most people supporting the committee, it becomes irrelevant when it isn’t even in the top ten issues that the voter is concerned about.

If the J6 Reichstag hearings aren’t resonating with voters, which they aren’t, the Democrats still have Roe V. Wade, right? After all, the “majority” of Americans support a woman’s right to choose. Except, this isn’t an issue that resonates with most voters. Women don’t wake up thinking, “Geez, I hope I get pregnant so I can get my monthly abortion.” Most women don’t want an abortion, even if they do have an “unwanted pregnancy.” And if you asked most women what’s more important, eating or getting an abortion, most likely would choose eating. Inflation is a more important issue. While Democrats are promoting this summer of rage, abortion is really a passionate issue of political activists. And when it comes to passion, perhaps the passion is actually more on the pro-life side than the pro-abortion side. Using this as a voter drive may actually work more in favor of the GOP than the Democrats.

The two big stands the Democrats have come up with are J6 and Roe, neither which resonate with the average voter. What both issues do show is just how weak on crime Democrats are. The J6 hearing produced a big dud when it revealed that “Josh Hawley ran.” What that revelation showed is just what a waste of everybody’s time the J6 hearing was. AOC was traumatized and she wasn’t even in the building, so who cares if “Josh Hawley ran?” Despite the McCarthyism, Democrats managed to finally find a law they can support the enforcement of when they prosecuted Steve Bannon and found him guilty. The one law they support is one not to bring law and order to our streets, but to prosecute their political opponents. The absence of a Ray Epps investigation is evidence enough of a biased hearing.


Meanwhile, the Jackass Mafia has no problem with Supreme Court justices being harassed and threatened. In fact, the rhetoric of the Jackass Mafia is more calling for the hit to be carried out than to oversee the protection of the justices. Again, all for an issue that most Americans don’t care about. What does the Jackass Mafia think they will accomplish if something should happen to one or several of the Supreme Court justices? Do they not understand the public would turn even more so against them?

It’s not just Supreme Court Justices either. Jackass Mafia Boss Kathy Hochul’s campaign emailed out Lee Zeldin’s appearance schedule and exhorted her followers to crash his events. As expected, the crazies showed up at a Zeldin event and the assassination attempted happened. Don’t expect Hochul to be held accountable, after all, she’s Made now.

There are real issues facing Americans. First and foremost is the economy, but many issues are just as pressing including crime and illegal immigration, the education of children, and overall quality of life. None of these are issues that Democrats care about, other than to wreck long-established norms in favor of strange social experimentation.

This election isn’t just about an incumbent president that’s mismanaging the country, but also about a party that’s just so out of touch with the average American voter. We’re going into the heat of the mid-terms and the Democrats are still without a message. If they do have a message, it comes down to this – J6 bad, abortion good, and you’re a racist if you don’t vote for me. This is an election that may prove to set the Democrat party back decades, but the GOP will need to be focused on the issues that affect the majority of voters.



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