GURVICH: This Catastrophe Isn’t Just Joe Biden’s Fault

I often comment in these pages on the social issues which I believe are undermining the strength and cohesiveness of our great country. The neo-Marxist, woke claptrap which far-left progressive professors and journalists have espoused for years, is demonstrably false and terrifically damaging to any society in which such crazies constitute more than a very small minority of the electorate. But to our great misfortune the Democratic Party, including our sitting president and vice president, have now adopted this very same woke ideology!

The point I want to make today is that the economic disaster which has befallen our country is not a matter of bad luck on the international scene. Vladimir Putin is not the cause of our inflation or high gas prices, both of which began well before he invaded the Ukraine. It is not an effect of the COVID pandemic, which has by now been receding into our rear-view mirror for many months. It is not even a result of having elected as our president a doddering pay-to-play influence peddler elected under the false pretense that he would govern as a moderate.

No, this economic disaster is due to an ideologically motivated disaster of epic proportions, presided over by the left-most progressive wing of the Democrat Party. While Joe Biden takes his afternoon naps or saunters off to Delaware for a long weekend, a woke cabal of former Democrat community organizers, ex-professors, career politicians and bureaucrats, takes over the reins of the most powerful government in the world. And you can rest assured that very, very few of them have any significant business experience on which to draw as they attempt to govern this country according to their ideological lights.

So just how bad has the economic situation become under Joe Biden? First, recall that under President Trump, the economy, which grew strongly throughout most of his presidency, had begun a strong recovery after the initial wave of COVID had receded. Prices were steady, the southern border was far better defended, Russia had not invaded any place since Obama’s presidency, gas was cheap and baby formula was abundant.

Now we learn that consumer price inflation over the past year has reached 9.1%. (Since Joe Biden’s term began over a year and a half ago, total inflation on his watch is probably in the 13% range, but let’s compare apples to apples to keep it simple.) This new annual figure is yet another forty year inflation high, but what it means in real terms to you is that if you are living on fixed income or you didn’t receive a raise, you have lost over 9% of the value of your money in just one year! Even if you did receive a wage increase, we are advised that the average American has lost over 5% of his or her purchasing power, because inflation was so much higher than the average raise.

Despite what Joe Biden told you, Inflation is going to remain bad for a long time. Come to think of it, things could be, and very well might become, even worse. Even though the main cause of the problem is the government’s massive outpouring of trillions of dollars into the economy, Biden is trying to spend still more trillions because that’s what Marxists do, at least until the economy collapses completely and we are all forced to barter for goods. Recall that the only thing that saved us from “Build Back Better” late last year was that two Democrat senators, Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema, risked physical danger, literally, to vote against their fellow Democrats and kill Biden’s monstrous spending bill.

So what must we do to save the country? Well, we can vote for Republican candidates at every level of government. We’ll have that opportunity of November 8, 2022, and we’d better use it, because time is running out. If you don’t think a country can ruin itself solely through government mismanagement, just look at Argentina, which will likely default on its debts at some point in the near future. Just so you know, Argentina used to be one of the richest countries in the world.

With interest rates rapidly increasing (because the Fed must raise rates to fight inflation), it costs more and more to finance our ballooning debt. One day in the not-too-distant future, the good old U. S. of A. could also default on its debts, and that would be a catastrophe for us and for the whole world.

So if you want to save your country, your lifestyle, and a future for your children, vote Republican on November 8th. And if you’ve had enough of woke progressive ideology, you might also wish to join the Republican Party of Louisiana. Just go to and click on Online Voter Registration. Most folks can save themselves a trip to the registrar of voters’ office and register to vote or change their party registration right there on the Internet. Join us and help make the difference!

Republican Party of Louisiana

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