GARLINGTON: A Proper Louisiana Response to the Mar-A-Lago Raid

A lot of folks are mad as hornets over the FBI raid of President Trump’s home, and with good cause – it appears to be a blatant violation of impartial justice, and a great example of what the late Sam Francis called anarcho-tyranny (using the power of government to dog the law-abiding while letting the law-breakers go untouched).  Such actions are a message to anyone who would dare to oppose the globalists/Marxists in woke Washington:  Stand down, or you’re next.

Thus far, the response of the Right has been something like this from Chairman Gurvich:

So if you want to save your country, your lifestyle, and a future for your children, vote Republican on November 8th. And if you’ve had enough of Democrat judicial tyranny, you might also wish to join the Republican Party of Louisiana.

With apologies, that ain’t gonna cut it.  There are some encouraging signs from the recent primary elections, but there simply aren’t enough strong, courageous conservatives/Republicans at the federal level who will take the appropriate steps to protect innocent people from the massive, abusive federal bureaucracy.

Will Kevin McCarthy’s tweets promising investigations of Biden’s Justice Dept. free a single J6 protester?

Will John Kennedy’s rhetorical zingers stop armed goons from any of the federal government’s plethora of agencies from assaulting even one innocent citizen?

Will Julia Letlow, openly bragging in a recent newsletter update to her constituents about her vote to codify into federal law the ‘right’ to contraception, H.R. 8421, (contraceptives being one of the driving forces of the sexual revolution that caused the breakup of the traditional Christian family) – will Republican turncoats like her be willing to challenge the federal deep state in any meaningful way at all?

The answer does not lie primarily at the federal level.  We should do what we can to ‘clean house’ in Washington City, but the outcome of such an undertaking is doubtful at best.  What we should do is focus on the State and local governments, ensuring that they use their powers to protect people within their jurisdictions from federal tyranny.  Daniel Horowitz provides some ideas they should pursue right now:


States must block the FBI from political persecutions: Republicans like to direct our attention to the next federal election while obfuscating the fact that they already command supermajority control in 20 or so states. For the most part, the federal government is irremediably broken and will not be fixed with an election. States need to interpose against federal tyranny. State legislatures should convene emergency sessions and pass laws barring the FBI from operating within their states to investigate or apprehend political dissidents.

One such bill has been introduced in Oklahoma by state Senator Nathan Dahm. SB 1166, the “Prohibition on Political Prisoners in Oklahoma Act,” would prohibit the federal government from transporting through the state any January 6 prisoner not charged with a felony. Remember, this is not just about Trump. The Biden administration views Trump’s supporters as the #1 terrorist threat and will continue to target them for contrived or nebulous crimes motivated 100% by political persecution.

Creation of state guards: Florida recently created a state guard that cannot be federalized. Other states must follow suit and make it clear they will use the guard to confront any federal officials – be they FBI, DHS, ATF, or IRS – who prima facie target political opponents.

Sheriff’s posses: Connected to the previous point, we must begin declaring sanctuary counties in which sheriffs will work together with the citizenry to form citizen posse units. Their job will be to defend victims of federal persecution within the counties at a moment’s notice.

For those who believe the lie that federal actions cannot be limited by the States in any way at all, he offers the following helpful reminder:

The federal government doesn’t have the authority to violate due process and human rights, as we’ve witnessed for the past two years of COVID fascism. No, we don’t need merely to win federal elections in order to undo that tyranny; states can stop it in its tracks now. The Supremacy Clause of the Constitution (Art. VI, Cl. 2) states that the “Authority of the United States, shall be the supreme Law of the Land,” but only when exercising power “in pursuance” of its Constitution authority.

St. George Tucker explains this clause in his commentaries to clearly infer that “a law not limited to those objects, or not made pursuant to the constitution, would not be the supreme law of the land, but an act of usurpation, and consequently void.” Mind you, this clause was referring to legitimate laws passed by Congress. How much more so it would apply to arbitrary executive edicts.

The notion that we must wait for federal elections to fight back is absurd. Thomas Jefferson, in his Kentucky Resolution of 1798, noted that elections were only reserved as the tool to redress grievances of federal policies within their delegated authority. “That in cases of an abuse of the delegated powers, the members of the general government being chosen by the people, a change by the people would be the constitutional remedy,” writes Jefferson. What if the feds clearly abuse their authority by monitoring, surveilling, and arresting people for political crimes or by making them wear masks on their faces?

“But where powers are assumed which have not been delegated a nullification of the act is the rightful remedy: that every state has a natural right, in cases not within the compact [casus non foederis] to nullify of their own authority all assumptions of power by others within their limits: that without this right, they would be under the dominion, absolute and unlimited, of whosoever might exercise this right of judgment for them.”

If the Southern States feel particularly uneasy about these latest federal violations, it is because of their unique experience with the post-Lincolnian federal government.  A U.S. Congressman from Indiana, Daniel Voorhees, described what he found in 1872 in South Carolina during the era of so-called ‘Reconstruction’, when the federal government held absolute dominion over many of the Southern States:

…South Carolina…now the most wretched state that the sun shines on in its course through the heavens.  There is no form of ruin to which she has not fallen a prey, no curse with which she has not been baptized, no cup of humiliation and suffering her people have not drained to the dregs.  I am told that disorder has reigned in some counties within her borders, and we behold martial law, worse than the lawless tyranny of the dark ages, ravaging her firesides and scattering her households.  Bad governments are fruitful of such calamitous results…The wickedness of corrupt rulers breeds outbreaks among citizens.  How has South Carolina been governed?  The Republican party has held undisputed sway there every hour since the overthrow of the rebellion.  Her entire delegation in both branches of Congress belong to the party now in power.  Her state officers and legislators, of all colors, have been of the same political faith.  What are their works?  What trophies of progress and civilization do they bring…?  Not one good deed adorns the polluted pages of their record.  At the close of the war the valid debt of the state amounted to $5 million dollars.  A committee of investigation in an official report made December 26, 1871…say…29 million.

Add to this $10 million more that is disputed as fraudulent, and we have an increase of $34 million in the debt of the state since it fell into the hands of its present destroyers…The New York Tribune, of December 19, 1871, announces that over $6 million of her bonds have been fraudulently issued by her Republican governor; but no mode by which the toiling tax-payer can escape their payment is pointed out to him.  Taxation for the support of a good government often becomes a grievous burden, but when it springs directly an avowedly from fraud and forgery, it is a curse intolerable not to be borne…

Governor Scott…is said to be investing large sums at Napoleon, Ohio, where his home in reality is, and where he expects to retire when fully gorged with plunder.  He went to South Carolina for pillage and rapine, and will soon return with his spoils…

Southerners know intimately the true nature of the federal government that emerged after 1861.  The iron fist has been inside the velvet glove for many decades, but that glove is being removed, and the fist is striking its destructive blows once again.  Louisianans should put little trust in Republican promises to ‘reform Washington’ and instead insist that their State legislators call themselves into special session to put up some safeguards to protect us from an out-of-control federal government.  They should ask Attorney General Landry and their local sheriffs to likewise shield innocent Louisianans from the lawless cabal in Washington.

If some sense of sanity can be restored to Washington through normal electoral processes, that would be a great blessing, but no one should count on that, considering the trajectory of the place since 1861.  Our main aim for now should be controlling State and local governments, whose offices remain much more accessible to normal, Christian folks than federal offices, and using the power of those offices to defend and build up what is left of our ages-old cultural inheritance.

Walt Garlington
Louisiana State Sovereignty Committee



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