Most Recalls Are Hopeless Causes, But Is The LaToya Cantrell Effort Different?

If we had to bet we’d say it probably isn’t. Which is not to say we’re detractors from the Cantrell recall – we’ve said before that a recall effort is a bit like the space program, in that it spits out lots of side benefits that often weren’t expected and can be used for other things.

Nobody expected when John F. Kennedy suggested going to the moon that we’d get Tang and aluminum foil out of the deal as well as Neil Armstrong’s walk on that dusty surface. Who knows what comes out of the effort to get the 53,000 signatures to put Cantrell’s future on the ballot in Orleans Parish?

Recalls can identify political operatives and activists who can accomplish things on the ground. They train lots of people as community activists. And they identify people who are willing to support a cause.

Of course, Cantrell’s team is attacking the recall organizers, a pair of black Democrats (Beldon “Noonie Man” Batiste is a perennial candidate for office with a “D” next to his name, and Eileen Carter is a social media influencer type who formerly worked for Cantrell; she’s also the sister of former state senator and Louisiana Democrat Party chair Karen Carter Peterson), as stooges for white Republicans.

Which is hilarious.

Though Republicans absolutely should back the Cantrell recall even if it’s obvious she won’t be replaced by a conservative. The city’s electorate isn’t capable of installing better leadership than LaToya Cantrell. But the churn has value in itself, because it destabilizes the ruling political machine. And that creates opportunities.

Besides, getting lists of Democrat voters willing to dispatch an elected Democrat official is well worth doing.

And it turns out this might not be as hopeless a cause as you’d assume.


UNO pollster Ed Chernevak is out with a survey on the recall and it definitely looks like there’s a market for it.

Edgewater Research teamed up with My People Vote© to conduct a robocall poll to gauge the level of support for recalling New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell.

A survey of 402 registered voters in Orleans Parish reveals that nearly two-thirds of respondents say the city of New Orleans is headed in the wrong direction. Moreover, a majority of respondents support recalling Mayor Cantrell from office. The results indicate that 55 percent think she should be recalled, 37 percent do not endorse the recall effort, and 8 percent express no opinion. The survey finds gender, racial, geographical, partisan, and age category cleavages among registered voters in their attitudes toward the recall.

Having said that, you still wouldn’t lay money on the success of that recall. Even getting those 53,000-plus signatures only puts Cantrell on the ballot as a yes or no proposition. She could easily win that, because her faction will be mobilized to get the vote out.

Unless somebody prominent in that faction can be turned.

Which is something “white Republican money” ought to be looking to do simply for the purpose of destroying New Orleans’ Hard-Left Democrat political machine before it destroys what’s left of New Orleans.

Let’s not forget there were SEVEN carjackings or attempts in one day in the city on Monday. And LaToya Cantrell is preparing for yet another out-of-town trip.



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