BREAKING: Jeff Landry Is In For The 2023 Governor’s Race

This is the first official announcement of the cycle; the others, including Billy Nungesser and John Schroder, have said they’ll run but haven’t made it official.

It’s not a surprise, but it feels like a big deal anyway. The press release…

Attorney General Jeff Landry Officially Launches Campaign for Louisiana Governor

LAFAYETTE, La. — Today, Attorney General Jeff Landry officially launched his campaign for Governor of Louisiana. In his video announcement, Landry shares his life story and starts a conversation with Louisiana voters about the problems facing our state and ways we can join together to fix them.

“We deserve a government as good as our people, and we’re not getting it,” Landry explained. “During my life, I have walked in the very shoes of people who struggle more than they should in a state as blessed as this one. We must join together to build the Louisiana we want, our neighbors need, and our children deserve.”

In the announcement video, Landry shares his personal history, not only as a former Congressman and current Attorney General, but growing up working in the sugar cane fields, serving our nation in uniform, and our communities as a police officer and Sheriff’s Deputy. Landry also discusses the need to tackle crime that has gripped Louisiana major cities and places the blame on failed local leadership driven by “woke” district attorneys.

“To the people in those cities, we care about you. We know you are good people living with a bad government. Your family deserves a safe neighborhood because when you hurt, our entire state hurts,” added Landry.

Landry also took time to highlight the crisis in our local schools where our children are pulled into social culture wars to score political points instead of being taught the basics, like reading, writing, and arithmetic.

“I believe the most important voice in a child’s education is the parents,” says Landry. “As the son of a schoolteacher, I think it’s a sin that, right now, seventy-four percent of our fourth graders can’t read the way they should, and nearly eighty percent of our eighth graders can’t do basic math. I’m angry that our children’s education isn’t a priority.”

Over the weeks and months to come, while Jeff continues his service as Louisiana’s Attorney General, Landry will tour the state to meet with voters and local leaders to discuss their vision for Louisiana’s future.

The campaign launch video and additional information about Jeff Landry’s campaign for Governor can be found online at

Here was the video…

“What we have right now is a crisis of leadership” is a line that really resonates. We’ve been screaming about that for a while. And the pounding on the incompetent mayors and woke DA’s, while promising that he’ll get state government involved in cleaning up the mess the Democrats have made in New Orleans, Baton Rouge and Shreveport is something new and interesting from Louisiana’s political class.


This is going to generate a lot of screaming from the usual suspects, but it’s a strong open and a bold statement. Landry has actually offered a vision for what the state would look like if he’s the governor. The other potential candidates are going to have to do the same.

And maybe, just maybe, we’ll have a gubernatorial election about ideas in this state rather than stupid garbage like hookers or Trump stickers on trucks. We’re not holding our breath about that, but we’ll stay hopeful as long as we can.



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