Now They’re Whining About Kennedy’s “Call A Crackhead” Ad

If you wanted to see proof of just how stupid the people who run the Democrat Party in Louisiana are, they were happy to provide it in the wake of the new ad John Kennedy’s campaign released last week.

You saw the ad, right? It was the one where he comes out for the police and against the criminals and it ends with him saying to the woke Defund The Police crowd, “if you get in trouble, call a crackhead.”

You can tell it’s an effective ad because it pissed off all the right people.

WAFB-TV in Baton Rouge found a whiny victim whose feelings were hurt by it

“The fact that something like that would be said to make fun of people who are dying with everything that’s going on in our community,” said Tonja Myles. “Being a person in recovery and being an ex-crackhead, I was very offended, and I thought that went too far.”

You’ve probably heard of Tonja Myles’ journey before. She’s a certified peer support specialist, as well as a substance abuse and mental health advocate here in the Baton Rouge area.

Myles first posted a video response to the new campaign ad, on her Facebook page Sunday.

“I was appalled, I was triggered, I was mad, I was sad, and I was hurt. I had just walked in my house from having a conversation with a mom, who just lost her son to a fentanyl overdose. Who was using crack cocaine and some other drugs and did not know fentanyl was in it,” said Myles.

Before WAFB was set to interview Tonja Monday afternoon, she says someone from Senator John Kennedy’s office actually called her.

“They wanted to have a conversation and I told them I will get back with them. Because that’s a conversation I don’t mind having. And I told them I don’t mind having the conversation, but my ask is still going to be the same, take it down,” said Myles.

Myles still believes the senator could have used a different term. Especially with the high overdose rates in the Greater Baton Rouge area.

“And we wonder why people don’t come out and talk about addiction or talk about mental health in our community, because of things like this. And we have to do better,” said Myles.

So apparently it’s a no-no to be disrespecting crackheads, according to someone who says she used to be a crackhead but has chosen not to remain one.

WAFB also got a quote from the moribund and bitchy campaign of Luke Mixon, who seems destined to finish third in the race and might poll in the single digits when it’s all said and done. What did Mixon’s camp have to say?

“We have to address violent crime. We do that by funding our police departments. Senator Kennedy voted against $350 billion in funding for local police departments. To paraphrase Senator Kennedy, watch what people do, not just their embarrassing one-liners,” said Luke Mixon (D), candidate for U.S. Senate.

Mixon is talking about Joe Biden’s American Rescue Plan, which was a $1.9 trillion bacchanal of deficit spending, an utterly idiotic and corrupt piece of legislation which has more than anything else supercharged inflation and inflicted unbelievable amounts of misery on ordinary Americans from the gas pump to the grocery checkout and beyond.

Funding police departments is something Mixon might disagree with most of his own party on, after all. Gary Chambers, who looks likely to beat him comfortably and finish in second place, didn’t have that criticism of Kennedy’s ad. His was different…

So Kennedy is a racist and a piece of trash because he says “crackhead” and not “tweaker” or “pill-popper” or “meth-head?”

Of course, the reality is that crackheads are a lot more prone to violent crime than the other species of drug addicts, and the ad is about crime.

Gary Chambers has spent his “career,” if you could call it that, advocating for street criminals, so it makes sense that he’d get bent out of shape about this ad.

But he’s got a little bit of a problem with the accusation of racism.

Quick question: who’s the most famous crackhead in America right now?

If you said Hunter Biden, come and claim your prize.

And Hunter Biden is whiter than those rocks he smokes.

It’s funny – Chambers’ accusation of racism comes from an assumption that Kennedy is talking about black people when he says “crackhead,” and that assumption is itself racist, n’est-ce pas?


All of this is aimed at baiting Kennedy into a debate, and they’re going to demand that he face off against not just Chambers and Mixon but also Syrita Steib, the convicted felon and prison reform advocate who also collected a piece of an endorsement from the state Democrat Party. He’d be stupid to do that when he’s got the election sewn up in the primary, although in principle there ought to be a debate.

And if there’s a runoff, we would join in the demand for a debate. But there isn’t going to be a runoff. And for Kennedy to give Chambers a forum to spout his bile and his insults and his accusations of racism near and far would be to cheapen the political process. He doesn’t have to do that and he won’t, and Chambers’ invective on Twitter won’t change that.

Remember: we’re rooting for Chambers to beat the stuffing out of Mixon for second place in this race so that the effect will be that the Louisiana Democrat Party begins to be run by black people – who are more than 60 percent of its registered voters. There is no social justice in rich white leftists controlling that party when they’re a distinct minority within its ranks.

We’d love Gary Chambers to become the face of the Louisiana Democrats. We’re also quite comfortable with it identifying itself as the party of crackheads – since, after all, that’s what it is.

And it was so predictable that the Crackhead Caucus would scream in outrage about Kennedy’s ad, and in so doing amplify its message a hundredfold.

They’re morons. How they managed to win any elections in this state in the past decade is a mystery.



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