BAYHAM: Why It’s Important For Louisianans To Vote On Tuesday

The Kennedy v Chambers/Mixon U.S. Senate race, which also contains a crowd of other folks who apparently couldn’t think of a better use of $1000 than putting their name on the ballot to score 1% of the vote or less, isn’t one of the elections being talked about on the national news shows.

And aside from waiting to hear the latest Kennedy-ism in his television advertisements, the election for US Senate has been a snoozer compared to previous competitive races for the same office in previous years.

Louisiana votes far more Republican now than it did only 14 years ago when Mary Landrieu was winning her third election for US Senator.

Times are different in the Pelican State, at least in federal elections.

And Kennedy will undoubtedly win by a comfortable margin.

But who’s to say we can’t make that margin far more uncomfortable for the Democratic opposition?

It used to be that the differences between Democrats Russell Long, J. Bennett Johnston, and the aforementioned Breaux, and their Republican opponents were marginal and to a degree inside political baseball.

I mean, all three could tell you what a woman was without beads of perspiration building up on their brows.

But the Blue Dog Democrats are now in the congressional pet cemetery or are inside a glass case at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History next to the dodos.

Or to use the parlance of the 504 area code, “They ain’t dere no ‘mo.”

And while the leader of the Democratic Party and resident-in-chief dabs tears from his cheeks for those furloughed by Elon Musk, the president has declared economic war on any form of energy that doesn’t offend Greta Thunberg.

Louisiana’s economy and government runs on barrels and pipelines worth of “How Dare You” energy.

For now the Democrats are attempting to paper over the truth about their agenda they accidentally said aloud on the eve of the midterms.

But you can bet that as soon as the votes are finally counted, they’ll blow the dust off their eco gospel and preach self-imposed energy hardships in terms of cost and access once again.

And that’s precisely why a message needs to be sent to Washington courtesy of the Louisiana electorate via a strong Kennedy vote.

There’s more to the folksy junior senator than his one liners, as Kennedy is a governmental virtuoso.

Kennedy was closely aligned with one of Foster’s rivals in the 1995 gubernatorial race (ex-Gov. Buddy Roemer) yet Governor Mike Foster saw past the politics to bring on board with his administration an able, honest, and highly educated individual who doubtlessly passed over far more lucrative opportunities in the private sector to serve the people of our state as Secretary of the Department of Revenue.

Kennedy has consistently been a vocal opponent of wasteful spending by the government in Baton Rouge and in Washington, regardless of the party affiliation of the executive.

Furthermore he has been an innovative official. It was Kennedy who promoted the unclaimed property program that returned millions of dollars back to Louisianans, first as Secretary of the Louisiana Department of Revenue and then later as State Treasurer.

As US Senator, Kennedy has aggressively advocated on behalf of the economic interests of our state, including our commercial fishing industry.


I understand that we live in very partisan times, largely due to the radical leftists attempting to cancel dissenting voices to their agenda or attacking our critical oil industry that literally puts money in our residents’ pockets and in our state treasury.

Don’t begrudge our senator for having the gumption to push back, both the floor of the US Senate and on TV interviews.

Being a US Senator is more than just casting agreeable votes (Fetterman!) but also making a case for those positions and not just in the well of the upper chamber but through electronic media.

Apparently those stuck on Kennedy’s Fox News appearances never heard of Huey Long or his radio broadcasts.

Kennedy shouldn’t have to apologize for being the most popular Republican figure in Louisiana since Mike Foster, though I understand why Democrats would rather have an election on a curve.

But there’s more than Kennedy on the ballot and Republicans should make a point of not checking out the voting both early and instead participate in the down ballot races as well.

Former Republican Congressman Joseph Cao is running for the Court of Appeals in the New Orleans area against two liberal Democrats. Not only has the LAGOP refused to endorse Cao but certain Republican officials have even endorsed a Democrat in the primary over the history-making Vietnamese immigrant. Please follow though where our state Republican Party inexplicably didn’t.

Also on the ballot are school board races in parishes across the state except Orleans.

The classroom has become the battlefield for the fight for the future of America, as leftist teacher unions have attempted to indoctrinate our young people with a toxic mix of CRT, denial of biological science, and cultural Marxism.

While the US Senate race affects the politics of today, the school board races will potentially mold the minds and perspectives of thoseĀ  who will be voting for generations to come.

So if you passed on Kennedy’s ask for a couple of bucks for his campaign because the allure of a ticket for a billion dollar Powerball jackpot was too tempting, at least kick in your vote for him and Republicans from top to bottom this Tuesday.



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