VIDEO: Steve Deace’s Beautiful Anti-Ukraine War Rant

We could probably do a whole book on this topic, but we probably couldn’t do it as much justice as Deace does with this outburst from earlier this week on Tim Pool’s “Timcast” podcast.

Deace, who has a show of his own at The Blaze TV, has been a stalwart conservative pundit for a good while. He’s no pacifist. His brand going back a long time was as a pretty down-the-line right-leaner, with perhaps a greater emphasis on social conservatism and religiosity than most.

But over the years as the Republican Party became more and more ineffective as a vessel for conservatism, Deace has become more populist – as have most mainstream conservatives. And in the age of Joe Biden, he’s probably as well described as an iconoclast as he is a conservative, as strange as that sounds.

Because Steve Deace, at least every time we see his show and his commentary, has absolutely had it with the ruling elite in this country. He’s had it with what he correctly calls COVID fascism, he’s had it with the corruption, influence-peddling and self-dealing, he’s had it with the incompetence and wokeness, and he’s had it with the out-of-touch disdain elites have for normal Americans.

The entire two-hour show is well worth watching, because there are a number of great segments in it. Pool and the co-hosts and Deace talk about James O’Keefe’s ouster from Project Veritas, which is a rather bizarre story and one worth of suspicion seeing as though O’Keefe’s expose of Pfizer is by far the greatest triumph of his career and shortly afterward he’s being bounced out of the investigative media organization he founded; that’s an especially good conversation.

And there’s a terrific segment in which Deace goes head to head with one of the co-hosts who doesn’t share his religious views; it isn’t contentious, but it’s frank and it’s enlightening.

But then the conversation turns to Ukraine, and Deace couldn’t be more passionate in his conviction about sending American troops to fight World War III over the Donbas.

He’s got this exactly right, though the reply tweets contain a bunch of little minds with little Ukraine flags in their profile lecturing Deace that there’s no more military draft.

What he sees, and he isn’t wrong in seeing it, is that if China backs Russia, which it’s beginning to look more and more like will be the case, and the Ukraine war escalates, which it is bound to do since the Biden administration and its European friends have refused to make peace when they’ve had an entire winter to do it, we’re going to have no choice but to either cut Ukraine loose and accept a loss or send our people in.

And military recruitment is down to horrific levels, because our woke military doesn’t attract the numbers of straight middle- and working-class males that it used to. That’s a product of culture, and it’s a product of political leadership showing overt disdain for the people who make the country work such that the latter are actively dissuading their kids from joining.

So if you’re going to get in a war on Ukraine’s side, and the Ukrainians are more or less out of troops – which will probably be the case not long after the Russians commence an all-out attack with more than half a million troops in the spring offensive only days or weeks away – then who’s going to fight it?


Will the Germans and French and Italians send troops? Will the British? They don’t have much anymore.

No, it’ll be us. And if we can’t recruit a fresh batch of kids to staff up that deployment, we won’t have a choice other than a draft.

So what he’s saying is not unrealistic. It’s apocalyptic, to be sure. But this is where we are, and people paying attention can see it.

This is how broken we are that patriots like Steve Deace are talking about civil disobedience rather than allowing their kids to be sent off to war by a Biden administration they don’t even think holds power constitutionally or legitimately.

And Steve Deace isn’t fringe. Not at all. He represents a vast swath of people – most importantly, he represents a swath of people from which the military has historically drawn the bulk of its manpower.

The ruling elite in this country ignores Steve Deace at their peril. They can show all the polls they like showing most Americans support Ukraine. That, and the tens of billions of dollars flowing into that country from our national empty wallet, is one thing. But sending Americans off to die for Volodymyr Zelenskyy, who can’t even be bothered to wear a tie when addressing Congress and demanding more money, and who won’t shut up about World War III while Joe Biden babbles on about “whatever it takes” for Ukraine to win? All of that is something else.

The Ukraine war should have been over by now. A contested slice of the Donbas and a land bridge to Crimea are not worth World War III. And as Deace says, there is a breaking point coming if Joe Biden thinks he’s going to deploy Americans to Ukraine.



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