Terrible Bill O’ The Day: Imposing The Left’s Cultural Aggressions In The Workplace With HB40

Delisha Boyd is a garden-variety urban Democrat. She’s from District 102, which was the district previous Terrible Bill O’ The Day honoree Gary Carter represented before he moved up to the state senate, and she’s represented the Algiers area since winning a special election to replace Carter in November of 2021.

You might not have heard of her. She hasn’t done much in the Legislature to date. As we’ll see, that’s actually a good thing.

Boyd is the one bringing perhaps the most Democrat bill anybody can bring, which is House Bill 40. What does it do? Essentially, it introduces full-blown cultural fascism to a job site. From the bill’s digest…

Present law provides that it shall be unlawful for an employer to discriminate against any individual based on race, color, religion, sex, national origin, or natural, protective, or cultural hairstyle.

Proposed law retains present law and adds that it is unlawful for an employer to also discriminate against any individual based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

Sexual orientation and gender identity are lifestyle choices. So is a “cultural hairstyle,” and it’s a moronic and stupid thing for the Legislature to have passed that a year or two ago. The point being that government has no business demanding that employers embrace anybody’s sexuality or delusions as a matter of law. Race, sex and ethnicity are different and, at least before we decided we’d repudiate it thanks to the Black Lives Matter phenomenon, we had a consensus that we’d embrace Martin Luther King’s idea of a colorblind society where the content of your character was what we’d judge people on rather than the color of their skin. So banning “discrimination” based on immutable characteristics makes sense.

But this?

Under this stupid bill, the sales manager of a John Deere dealership in Bunkie or Columbia wouldn’t be able to turn Dylan Mulvaney down for a job selling tractors.

You can be gay all you want, and you can take the position that it’s how God made you. We’re not going to argue that. But how you present yourself is something you can control. And others have the right to choose how they’ll react to it. Because of that we don’t include sexual orientation as a protected class in employment law. Nobody needs to know who you have sex with and frankly it isn’t your boss’ business until you make it his or her business.

Now Boyd wants to throw the transgender crowd into the mix, because a bill imposing gay “anti-discrimination” just isn’t current enough.


She’s for The Latest Thing, you know.

Google Delisha Boyd and you’ll find out that she’s a real estate broker. Boy, will you find that out. One wonders whether Delisha Boyd would hire Dylan Mulvaney to answer the phone in her office. Much less hiring “trans-women” or “trans-men” as real estate agents.

Our guess is while she might protest to the contrary, the answer is no – because Delisha Boyd’s clients would very likely be quite put off by some unbalanced white guy pretending to be a little girl answering the phone at her office or trying to sell them a house, and she’s not dumb enough to subject them to that.

So before this bill dies a well-deserved death in the House Labor Committee, it’s worth asking why she’s trying to impose such inconveniences on other companies – and setting up the trial lawyers for ever-greater paydays at the expense of Louisiana businessess.

Either way, Miz Delisha can add to her resume that she’s won an award for Terrible Bill O’ The Day. Congrats to her, and we imagine this might not be the last appearance she makes on our list.



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