VIDEO: Victor Davis Hanson Says “The FBI Has To Be Broken Up For This”

This is from Mark Levin’s show over the weekend and it’s a spot-on recitation of just how corrupt and broken the FBI is and what needs to be done about it.

At issue is the Durham report, which if you’ve read it is a stunning takedown of the FBI though it’s written in understated language. It’s clear the conduct of Crossfire Hurricane, the FBI investigation of the Trump-Russia affair which was a Hillary Clinton campaign dirty-trick hoax from the start that the Obama administration weaponized, is the worst abuse-of-power scandal in American history.

And as Hanson knows, there will be no consequences to any of the principals involved. He talks about how Andrew McCabe, the assistant FBI director who was totally biased and never should have been in a position to make the call, was rewarded for weaponizing the Fusion GPS trash that was the Steele dossier into the basis of an investigation.

What this amounted to was a coup d’etat against an elected president, and in a sane country Andrew McCabe would spend the rest of his life in a dungeon waiting for a hangman’s noose. Instead, he ended up with a gig on CNN.

As Hanson notes, James Clapper and John Brennan were similarly rewarded for their role in producing the Trump-Russia hoax.


A criticism of Durham is that he hasn’t put anybody in jail for the conduct in his report. It’s a valid criticism, but John Durham didn’t create the world we’re in right now – and in that world, you cannot convict a Democrat political or governmental figure for crimes committed advancing partisan aims. Not in front of a jury in Washington, DC, and not in front of a jury in any big blue city.

When Mark Sussman and Igor Danchenko both got off, that was your proof.

And the fact that prosecuting anyone like Peter Strzok or Andrew McCabe or James Clapper or John Brennan for their role in the Trump-Russia fiasco is an impossibility is the greatest scandal of all.

Hanson is right that the FBI can’t continue to function as it currently is constituted. It ought to be dismantled. But rather than having it dispersed around the federal government, most of its police functions must be distributed back to the states, where constitutional police power already resides. Several state governments have bureaus of investigation already, and those should be the future of law enforcement – not an arrogant, overbearing and corrupt secret police yoked to the Democrat Party’s whims.



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