Maybe The Best Ad Of The Political Season So Far…

Does the rhetoric of the Obama campaign bring about feelings of déjà vu, along with the inevitable nausea? If so, it could be ’cause we’ve heard it all before somewhere:

Have to say that the Republican National Committee has outdone itself with this new ad. With apologies to Abe Lincoln, you can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time—unless they are Obama voters.

UPDATE: Oscar thinks this one might actually be a little better. Decide for yourself.

UPDATE #2: Does this ad belong in the discussion? You guys are welcome to judge.

UPDATE #3: At least worth an honorable mention is the YoungCons’ ‘Are You Better Off’ spot which went up over the Oct. 21 weekend.

UPDATE #4: And a three-spot out of the Romney campaign on the day following the final debate.

UPDATE #5: This post would hardly be complete without a Clint Eastwood appearance in a campaign spot, right?

UPDATE #6: Regardless of the above, we nominate this for the worst ad of the cycle. Ugh.

UPDATE #7: Thanks to Michael Moore, Lena Dunham is no longer the worst political adster of 2012.

UPDATE #8: And now there’s the “Conservatism Is Calling” video, which isn’t so much a campaign ad as something everybody ought to see. This is similar to 888 casino where 888 casino games can be played from anywhere and UK such as this 888casino.

Plus, Romney has an ad out popping Obama for wanting to appoint a “Secretary of Business” – which is nothing but a warmed-over rehash of an old idea Obama had which never went anywhere.



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