Here’s Bill Whittle’s latest, focusing on the torrent of abuses emanating from the Obama administration amid Martha’s Vineyard vacations.

He’s lamenting the loss of freedoms inherent in a Nakoula Bassely’s being jailed for making a YouTube video, for example.

There are lots of such examples. So many it’s not particularly necessary to cite them. Think a bit and you’ll come up with countless ones in the news of late.

This edition might not quite be Whittle’s best work, though as everything he does it’s quite good. But what stands out is that he’s putting his finger squarely on something which is absolutely bubbling up in the American consciousness at present; namely, exactly how broad and deep the dysfunction is both in our government and our politics, and the frightening inability of the opposition to the Obama regime to find leaders around whom to rally and discover its voice. The volume of Obama’s abuse of power is breathtaking in its breadth and depth; it extends from active support of Muslim Brotherhood jihadists in Egypt to persecution of political enemies through the IRS, to blatantly ignoring Constitutional limits on power of the Department of Justice and the NSA, to changing federal law by executive fiat not just where Obamacare is concerned but virtually everywhere else as well.

It’s nearly impossible to catalogue all the current abuses, much less those of the five-year Obama era. The lawlessness and malfeasance is endemic. Worse, everyone sees it – it’s out in the open, and it’s both flagrant and brazen.

Today Obama openly discussed increasing federal taxes on cell phone use. Not through introducing legislation in Congress, where it would surely die an immediate death – he wants to do it through executive fiat.

That is precisely the governmental abuse which began the American Revolution. Obama is so brazen that he thinks taxation without representation can be done in the same country where such a phrase was once a casus belli.

And where is there someone to put a stop to him? Republicans on Capitol Hill aren’t willing to take the political risk of defunding Obamacare or putting a stop to a ridiculous, game-changing immigration amnesty bill for fear they might lose an election. A country once founded by men willing to pledge their lives, fortunes and sacred honor to the cause of freedom is now dependent on politicians who won’t even push an elected office into the middle for that cause.

Marco Rubio, once hailed as a rising star of the conservative movement, is now pushing the immigration-bill surrender on the basis that if the GOP fights it the president might just make every illegal immigrant legal by the stroke of a pen through a thoroughly lawless executive order. Because he might do that, Rubio argued, it’s better to pass the Gang of Eight Bill so our political culture could bleed out slowly.

Developments like these portend doom for the country. Developments like these lead to resignation and withdrawal among those America needs for it to recover. Thomas Paine wrote about times to try men’s souls, when the summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country.

We’re depending on summer soldiers and sunshine patriots. And the Obama regime is putting us to the question. Will we pledge our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor to the cause of freedom? Such a pledge might be essential, or else the tyranny and chaos of which Whittle is warning threatens to consume us.



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