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WAGUESPACK: Louisiana, We Have A Problem

Our addiction to lawsuits is hurting us in more ways than we realize. This addiction is rampant, expensive and comes in all shapes and sizes. It takes the form of embracing laws that restrict our citizens’ access to a jury... (Continue reading)

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Low Popahirum, Louisiana Edition (4-18-14)

“More than 2 million Louisianans say they have a job, an all-time high.” – KNOE “With the Lake Pontchartrain phase of the $220 million project to run a pipeline from Norco to Mississippi nearly complete, workers will soon begin drilling... (Continue reading)

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BEAM: The Next Move Is Up To McAllister

Now that some of the dust has settled, where are we on the Vance McAllister situation? The Republican establishment wants the U.S. congressman from north Louisiana to resign, but it has a credibility problem. Many of his constituents are willing... (Continue reading)

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HECK: Money, Incorporation And Annexation In Baton Rouge

Buckets of money. That’s the easiest way to understand the revenue streams and collection points in East Baton Rouge Parish. Money flows into and out of these buckets. Currently, there are five buckets of money. 1.) City of Baker 2.)... (Continue reading)

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Ban On Abortion Clinic Staffers Instructing In Schools Passes LA House

Abortion clinic employees and affiliates will be banned from instructing or providing materials on human sexuality or family planning in public elementary or secondary schools or in charter schools receiving state funding, according to legislation that has widely passed through the Louisiana House.... (Continue reading)

Low Popahirum, Louisiana Edition (4-17-14)

“Louisiana was among the last Deep South states to turn deep red, but when it happened, it happened quickly.” – Baton Rouge Business Report “Sen. Mary Landrieu (D., La.) is coming under fire for fake footage she used in her... (Continue reading)

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Does Sherman Mack Look Conservative To You?

Here’s video from the debate Tuesday on HB 917, the jury trial threshold bill by Rep. Ray Garofalo which died on a motion to table with a number of Republicans sticking knives in it… Rep. Sherman Mack works against HB... (Continue reading)

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SADOW: Jindal, Leges Have Already Won On PARCC Politics

So eight legislators snap their fingers and Gov. Bobby Jindal overturns educational policy just like that? Well, it’s not quite that simple to summarize a series of events performed by all parties more to impact perceptions than substance. At the beginning of... (Continue reading)

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Poll: McAllister’s Re-election Hurt By Smoochgate

In a recent poll, conducted after Rep. Vance McAllister was caught making out with his district scheduler and friend’s wife, a little more than half of respondents said the recent extra marital problem of McAllister would keep them from voting to... (Continue reading)

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BURNS: Taking The Politics Out Of Smoochgate

Just when we thought that we had heard it all with political sex scandals; including the shirtless “Craigslist Congressman” and Wienergate, parts 1 and 2, we have a brand new Made for You Tube scandal featuring Louisiana’s own “Kissing Congressman,”... (Continue reading)

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Low Popahirum, Louisiana Edition (4-16-14)

“In a breaking story, a highly placed source in the Louisiana Republican Party has revealed to The Louisiana Weekly that not only has LAGOP Chairman Roger Villeré called for the resignation of Monroe Republican Congressman Vance McAllister, but, in a... (Continue reading)

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These Guys Suck. Remember Them In 2015.

The list of Republican state reps who voted with the ambulance chasers to deny you a right to a trial by jury if you get sued for under $50,000 in Louisiana is as follows… Henry Burns Bubba Chaney Patrick Connick... (Continue reading)

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Mary Landrieu A Champion of Oil And Gas?

In a new political ad, Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu portrays herself as a champion of oil and gas throughout the state. However, this contradicts a report by the Wall Street Journal back in December that found that Landrieu’s leadership political... (Continue reading)

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We Just Found Out How Overlawyered Louisiana Is

Damn, y’all. They just had a vote on the floor of the House of Representatives at that big phallus close by the Exxon refinery about how much cash has to be in the pot before they let you have a... (Continue reading)

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Jindal, Legislators Want Out of Common Core Assessment

A Common Core-aligned state assessment, thought  to violate students privacy rights, is getting much heat from a group of eight legislators and Gov. Bobby Jindal after a whirlwind of objections by school boards and parents who say the data from... (Continue reading)

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LANDRY: Let’s Get Rid Of Buddy Caldwell’s Cronyist Contingency Fees

Give credit to conservative members of the Louisiana Legislature, like Rep. Stuart Bishop and Sen. Robert Adley. They have determined that we have a serious issue in Louisiana stifling business job creators and perverting public policy at the expense of the State’s treasury.... (Continue reading)

Low Popahirum, Louisiana Edition (4-15-14)

“The Louisiana Senate has agreed to prohibit unmanned aircraft from flying over chemical plants, water treatment systems, telecommunications networks and other items considered ‘critical infrastructure’ in Louisiana.” – WBRZ “Disgraced Congressman Vance McAllister is learning painfully that being an outsider... (Continue reading)

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SADOW: White’s EBR Schools Bill Is Charters By Another Name

Sometimes politics makes one too clever by half, as is the case with a bill to alter the governance structure of the East Baton Rouge Parish School District. But also sometimes the limits of politics forces very imperfect solutions. While... (Continue reading)

A Few Items Which Discredit The Louisiana Legislature

Sometimes you’ll see what happens within a legislative session – not just in Louisiana, but certainly here – and wonder if perhaps it would be better to flush the institution outright and start over. We’re at that point after having... (Continue reading)

The Hidden Cost of the Tort Tax

In case you didn’t know, Tax Day is upon us, and Uncle Sam wants his money.  As accountants look longingly at their calendars to mark the end of busy tax season, and the rest of us rush to mail or... (Continue reading)

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