Fertilizer – Or, Obama’s Grand Gulf Coast Plan

President Barack Obama and Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar are leaving a political and economic wake of destruction on the Gulf Coast. Their course of action is to declare, by Executive Order and stylized Environmental Protection Agency Mandate, what they call a Moratorium on Deepwater Offshore Drilling. This is economic homicide for the people in the region – whether for six-months in duration or forever.

Moratorium is defined as: a temporary prohibition or suspension (of an activity). (The Oxford American Desk Dictionary and Thesaurus, 2001 [ISBN 0-425-18068-9]) And in the sense of etymology (the study and verification of words’ formation and development) the words do what Obama wants. They conceal and obscure his actual meaning and intent.

When Obama was a candidate, somebody asked about a certain legislation that might be put before Congress. He replied he’d have to look at the proposition and determine “what words need to be put on it” to make it become a reality. That statement revealed, in a manner even he didn’t recognize, that a policy is cultivated by the gestation of ideas but fertilized with the verbiage chosen to get the job done. It can also conceal a person’s real agenda. When you check the etymology you find there is a deeper, more defining element of the word. The root defines the intent of the statement. In this case: “MOR”-

“MOR” (as refined from the Latin influenced French) refers to: a delay, a suspension for a period of time. But when you go deeper into the birth records of the word, you find the French used the word to describe – death. “MOR” – is the prefix of mort, mortality, and mortuary. It indicates in the language arts, a delay or a suspension to dramatic effect. It defines the suspension of life and indicates the transition to the afterlife.

There’s no doubt the Obama administration has treated the Gulf Oil Disaster as little more than a hyperactive Photo-Op and platform for his desire to reconstruct world energy policy. His goal is evident in the manner he addressed the nation on June 15th. He spent 15 minutes “addressing” a problem that’ll have repercussions for decades to come. He attempted oration for an accumulated 2653 words constructed in 33 paragraphs. He wasted no time backsliding into his confabulated oratory concerning the hackneyed strains of calling for us to hope for something to change as we need a “long-term Gulf Coast Restoration Plan”.

He speaks volumes by what he doesn’t say. He said nothing about plugging the hole. He’s said we need a “long-term Gulf Coast Restoration Plan.” That indicates his plans on this drama carrying itself out to the final curtain fall as it crushes the hopes and dreams of generations of gulf coast aqua-businessmen, ancillary entrepreneurs and their families. It’s the Democratic Party plan to then ride into town on white chargers and sling collectivist social programs to bolster the spirits of the down-trodden and bring economic justice to the masses. “Can I get an AMEN and a Hallelujah, brothers and sisters?”

It matters little to him when he insults a proud people preferring to work rather than fall under the sway of the socialist, welfare subsidies he offers.

Obama and Salazar believe they can say what they want, in a manner they choose and nobody will call them on it. We’d direct you to look in paragraph three (3) and understand: sometimes you have to dig through the fertilizer to appreciate what the farmer’s really trying to grow and just how high he’ll pile it to get the job done.

Thanks for listening.



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