‘Anybody But Bobby’ Campaign Accurately Describes State Of Louisiana Dems

Yesterday, WWL Radio reported that the Louisiana Democrat Party is giving away bumper stickers which read “Anybody But Bobby,” a first shot of sorts in the 2011 gubernatorial race against incumbent Bobby Jindal.

“Anybody But Bobby” is neither unique nor creative nor particularly entertaining as a slogan. But in the current context it’s hilarious.

Ordinarily, you’d play the “anybody but…” card when you have multiple candidates in a race. It’s a way to make a blanket endorsement while hedging your bets.

But in this case, the Democrats don’t have any candidates at all yet. And it’s April. We’ve only got six months before the primary election, Jindal has something on the order of $10 million in his war chest, and the Dems can’t even find somebody willing to commit to the race.

Sure, Caroline Fayard wants to run. But after last week’s donnybrook over her “I Hate Republicans” rant in front of a good portion of the Democrats’ muckety-muck ranks, it’s hard to see her as a serious candidate for any statewide race in the near future.

And if Fayard isn’t a credible candidate, the Dems are hard-up to find one.

Which is why “Anybody But Bobby” is funny as hell. With “Anybody But Bobby” as your standard for a candidate, people who are manifestly unqualified perhaps become worthy of the Democrats’ endorsement.

Maybe this guy would be a good choice…

He’s not Bobby. And neither are these two guys…

This guy is at least a hell of a dancer…

The point is, with the current state of the Democrat Party and their candidate recruitment efforts, “Anybody But Bobby” is pretty much the best they’ll be able to offer. The fact they’d advertise that plight shows in vivid detail that the folks running the show at the little plantation on Government Street aren’t likely to improve things anytime soon. After all, it seems the voters are a bit more likely to vote “Anybody But Democrats” into office this fall.



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