Fed Up With ‘Games, Politics…Delays’ And Hypocrisy

President Obama wants to spend $447 billion in taxpayer’s money to create jobs, a proposal that is absolutely ridiculous, even by White House standards. We have a far simpler solution to the jobs crisis, one that won’t cost taxpayers a single dime. In fact, it will actually save taxpayers millions of dollars.

The oil and gas industry wants to spend $19 billion of its own money to create 230,000 jobs from coast to coast. But the Obama White House — the same administration that wants to blow billions in tax dollars to create jobs — is standing in the way.

Oil and gas workers in the Gulf of Mexico are largely idle thanks to a huge backlog of administrative approvals and permit applications at the Department of the Interior. Without those permits, we can’t get back to work exploring for oil and gas in the Gulf.

Billions of dollars in spending and capital expenditures are tied up in red tape. Without those approvals, industry can’t order new computers, trucks, ships, or steel pipes. We can’t get America moving again.

The White House has made the process sound complicated. So we created a whiteboard video to explain the problem — and the solution — in a simple, straightforward, and, yes, even entertaining way.

The President implored Congress: “No games, no politics, no delays.” We couldn’t agree more. This Administration has exerted its political will against domestic energy exploration for more than a year now. We’re fed up with games, politics and delays.  Let us get back to work.

Jim Adams is president and CEO of the Offshore Marine Service Association, which represents the owners and operators of U.S. flag offshore service vessels and the shipyards and other businesses that support that industry.



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