You really can’t have more fun than to take Auburn out back behind the woodshed and beat them bloody.

Particularly because if you can do that you can give Gene Cheezedick a press conference like this to go from smarmy jackass to whipped jackass.

Have a nice season, Cheezedick. The NCAA couldn’t punish you for buying Cameron Newton, but LSU sure as hell did.

BTW, that skulldraggin’ was more or less a perfect game. LSU has now laid down assbeatings of epic scale three weeks in a row against teams they’re not used to blowing out like that – Florida, Tennessee and Auburn. Let that continue for one more game and this’ll get fun.

Wisconsin and Oklahoma both found a way to get beat today. That thing in two weeks will be the biggest regular season game in college football history. Ya heard? The. Biggest. Of. All. Time.

Top o’ the world, ma! Top o’ the world.



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