Will The Real Demagogues Please Stand Up…Or Better Yet, Shut Up

I’ve had some fun today watching Democrats feign righteous indignation over comments made by Rep. Allen West at the Palm Beach County GOP’s Lincoln Day Dinner, which are being characterized as his telling Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and Democrat National Committee Chairman Debbie Wasserman Schultz to get the hell out of America.

First of all, I wouldn’t mind if West would have told them all to get the hell out of America, but that’s not what he really said.

West has clarified his statements, but anyone watching this clip could tell that he was wanting certain members of the Democratic Party to take their egalitarian ideas and stick them where the sun don’t shine. Take them to hell, anywhere, just get them out of the U.S. They don’t belong here.

West is right, of course. The Socialist mindset that has destroyed European economies should be resoundingly rejected by a society that’s foundation rest on individualism and entrepreneurship.

Why should our nation mire itself in the class warfare politics responsible for such massive misery worldwide that Europe is working to find a way to free itself from?

West’s words are being cast as simple demagoguery from members of a party that wrote the book on dogmatism.

In a somewhat related story, is DNC Spokesman Brad Woodhouse is acting similarly indignantly in response to RNC Chairman Reince Priebus comparing President Obama to the captain of the Italian cruise ship whom abandoned his vessel after it ran ground near the Tuscany region of Italy.

Reince believes that Obama is abandoning the needs of the American people to play to his base in hopes of saving his ass in November. I can’t argue with that,  but Woodhouse sure did with a healthy dose of denial.

He said, “I don’t remember anything that equates from official Democratic Party. I mean, of course there are interest groups and people have their say, but I don’t remember anything coming from Democratic Party about George W. Bush being equated to a terrorist or George W. Bush being equated to somebody who has been accused of manslaughter. I don’t remember anybody questioning some of the things about George W. Bush that have been questioned about the president.”

Well, here are a few clips to refresh the memory of Woodhouse, and any Dems wanting to get all huffy about the things that Reince or West said.

This is a great one of Rep. Pete Stark of California saying on the floor of the House of Representatives that Bush likes to blow things up, including innocent people and the heads of the “kids” he sends to Iraq—all for his amusement:

And we have Barney Frank talking about Bush and the GOP engaging in ethnic cleansing in Louisiana in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Frank is kind of hard to understand in this video, but he’s always hard to understand—because he sounds like Sylvester the Cat and because he never makes any damn sense once you get past his speech impediment:

And I’ll bet you didn’t know that Republicans want to kill women, like Rep. Louise Slaughter tell us, unless you are a Kool-Aid drinking Democrat—then it’s a given:

Holding a gun to someone heads sounds like something a terrorist would do, but it’s what Obama said that Republicans were doing to the American people in last year’s debt ceiling debate:

I could post clips like this all day and reference examples of Democrats calling tea party members the “Taliban wing of the Republican Party” and blaming the tea party for the shooting of Rep. Gabby Giffords, but I think you get the point.

An adage about finding out the truth about what Democrats do—like blaming others of unwarranted, heating rhetoric—in order to find out what they are doing applies here.

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