Does This Look Non-Partisan To You?

This showed up in our e-mail box last night in advance of today’s House vote on two major parts of Gov. Bobby Jindal’s education reform plan…

Tomorrow is one of the most important days in the future of our children in the state of Louisiana!

The Legislature will be debating the Education Reform bills. It is ESSENTIAL that you contact your Legislator at their district office and also at the State Capitol. Our Children and Grandchildren deserve better than the quick shuffle at the State Capitol.

LA House: 225/342-6945

LA Senate: 225/342-2040 – Senate returns on Monday, March 26

Education Reform must be rationale and developed through a deliberative process that does not limit new ideas to 2 minutes, nor radically redirects taxpayer money to private vendors, who don’t even currently have charter schools, an educational track record, and/or certification from a national or regional professional accreditation association. Let them know that the Legislature is not a racetrack for quick fixes without proven results. Light up those switchboard and speak up for our Children and the future of Louisiana!!!- 

The sender? The League Of WoMen Voters of Baton Rouge, which bills itself as a non-partisan outfit – specifically…

The League of Women Voters is a nonpartisan, nonprofit, volunteer organization that works to promote political responsibility through informed and active participation of citizens in government.  The LWV of Baton Rouge is an integral part of the League of Women Voters of Louisiana and of the League of Women Voters of the United States.

The League does not support or oppose any political party or any candidate. It does support or oppose legislation after serious study and substantial agreement among its members.

So they’re covered by saying their policy does allow for legislative advocacy. Except if you’re consistently on one side of the political debate, that’s not much cover. The Jindal administration has all but given up on LWVBR; they struggle mightily to get anybody from the administration to appear at their events, and that’s due to a history of not-so-friendly treatment.

And the Jindal folks aren’t alone. For example, last week LWVBR held a debate about the bus tax on the ballot in Baton Rouge – and from one of our spies at the event the opponents of that tax were treated like a rabbi in Mecca.

And then there’s Jean Armstrong, the president of the LWVBR and the presumptive author of the above e-mail, whose Facebook page in the past week involved…

Please ask your Senator, Why they (Senate Governmental Affairs Committee) voted no and refused to give Teachers weekend access to the legislative process on matters that affect our children and the teachers’ livelihood.

  • A link to an article by the far-left Louisiana Voice website accusing the Jindal administration of taking orders from the “evil” American Legislative Exchange Council in pushing pension reform – which that website termed “reverse gang rape;”
  • A link to an article by a far-left organization about taxes on oil companies, with a question asking when oil companies will be forced to pay school board taxes; and
  • A link to the left-wing Bureau of Governmental Research report trashing Jindal’s voucher program.

Ms. Armstrong is well within her rights to post whatever she wants on Facebook. She’s also well within her rights to advocate for or against legislation. And she’s apparently well within her rights to do so in her capacity as the president of the Baton Rouge chapter of the League of Women Voters.

But people who may be interested in joining that organization should know that it is led by somebody who is not non-partisan, but is ideologically to the left of center. And therefore those who are considering membership should know that leadership will affect the direction of the organization.

Which, based on last night’s e-mail, is decidedly to the Left.



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