Did They Ride The Bus To That Street-Corner?

The folks reading the Hayride from Baton Rouge probably already know that on Saturday there’s an election whereby the government and a bunch of lefty groups want to jack up the taxes so they can throw a bunch of money at the bus service nobody rides.

We’ve had a couple good posts here last week on it – John Conroy, who’s running for mayor, had one and Alex Velasquez, who’s with the Taxbusters group opposing the bus tax, had another.

It’s a pretty contentious issue, though it looks like a consensus of the people who’ve studied this thing think it sucks. The Baton Rouge Business Report was for that stupid bond issue the mayor did, and they think it sucks – not once but twice. And even the Baton Rouge Advocate, which never met a tax it didn’t like, also thinks it sucks.

But the people who don’t think the CATS tax sucks have an opinion. And their opinion is that the CATS tax opponents suck. And in particular they think the CATS tax opponents’ signs suck.

Which is how come you get this…

It doesn’t look like they’ve got a bus stop at that street corner, so maybe the cat with the spray paint can had to hoof it over there.

Oh, he had a car? Then what’s he wanna pay more taxes for?

We love election season around here.

Love it.

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