Checking The Gay Box

I knew the gay thing was coming soon, but it doesn’t really take an oracle to figure these things out.

In a post I put up on The Hayride way back on April 26 titled “Taking Cues From Carville,” I made the prediction that the national conversation would soon be directed by Obama to gay rights to deflect from what the presidential campaign is really about—the economy:

Make it about class warfare by using the language of the Occupy Wall Street movement, make it about a drummed up war on women the Republicans are waging, make it about race, make it about senior citizens, make it about young people who can’t pay their federal student loans, find away to make it about gays—that’s coming soon, I’ll bet. Cover all your voting blocs, just don’t make it about the economy.

This was obvious, since Balkanizing the electorate is the only thing that Obama can do to remain president given that he has been such a dismal failure. Dividing the nation into groups that they can pander to and scare is a common tactic used by Democrats to win elections, but I don’t think that it’s ever been done as shamelessly as Obama is doing it.

It’s like he has a little check-list on a notepad in his pocket to make sure that the nation is sufficiently polarized into “them” against “us” to give him a second term.

Let’s review the list now that the president is busy checking the box beside homosexuals—one of the last groups he had left.

The Working Class: 

Aided by the Occupy Wall Street movement in anticipation that Mitt Romney would eventually become the Republican nominee for president, Obama went to work early to let the so-called 99 precenters know that he was on their side.

Occupiers aren’t really the working class—you have to actually work to be in the working class—but they play into the class warfare rhetoric that Obama has been using in pushing tax increases for wealthier Americans who aren’t “paying their fair share.”

It’s them against us, as Obama and the occupiers see it. The movement, after all, “expresses the frustrations the American people feel,” about the rich unfairly profiting off exploiting poor folks. Workers of the world unit.


Obama pretty much had this group shored up from the start since about 96 percent voted for him back in 2008. Having  the majority of black voters on Obama’s side is a given, but getting them to polls come November isn’t.

The president using race to inject himself into the Trayvon Martin case is as despicable as it is dangerous.

There already have been several attacks on whites by blacks citing “justice for Trayvon” as a motivation for violence. Obama has remained silent on these crimes, maybe because the victims don’t look like kids he might have had. In addition to using the Martin case to divide Americans, Obama has deployed the Justice Department to go after state’s voter ID laws, which his attorney general has likened to Jim Crow laws of the Old South.


Checking off the Hispanic block has been somewhat complicated by the fact that George Zimmerman is a “white Hispanic,”

To help things along, the Obama administration is trying to overturn Arizona’s new immigration laws, but that’s not likely to work out for them.

The laws are designed to give the state a tool to enforce federal immigration laws already in place.

Losing the battle in the U.S. Supreme Court, however, will only serve to give Democrats a soap box to stand on to try to scare Hispanic into believing that Republicans are coming to racially profile them while they are taking their kids out for ice cream:

Senior Citizens:

This box was an important one to check for Obama, since new polls reveal that older Americans are preferring Mitt Romney to him. Maybe it’s that the word has gotten out that Obamacare is cutting out of  half-a-trillion dollars from Medicare over the next decade.

Never-the-less, the president started early trying to scare old folks by lying to them about Social Security checks not being mailed out if Republicans didn’t go along with raising the national debt ceiling.

When Sen. Paul Ryan’s plan to save Medicare was released, Obama was back in front of the teleprompter to tell seniors that it would end the program as they know it and Democrats had Ryan pushing old ladies in wheelchairs over cliffs in TV spots. What’s being left out by Obama is that Medicare will end if it doesn’t change before 2020, when it goes bankrupt. Obama isn’t really very concerned about that, since he thinks he would have finished his second term by then.


College Students

young people came out in droves to put Obama in Office four years ago, so this is one box that the president really wants checked.

Polls show that younger voters aren’t  as keen on him as they were back in 2008, since more and more are discovering they can’t get a job after graduating.

To get the vote out for him, he visited college campuses a few weeks ago to rile college students up about how Republicans in Congress want to double the size of interest payments on Stafford student loans. What wasn’t mentioned was that Democrats were in the majority when Congress passed the College Cost Reduction and Access Act in 2007 to raise student loan interest rates.


The trumped up “Republican War on Woman,” is perhaps the silliest, most transparent play to a voter bloc by the Obama Administration to date.

After Democrats trotted out Ivy League college student Sandra Fluke in front of Congress to whine about being denied birth control because she might have to pay of it herself, Obama was calling her up to give her a shoulder to cry on because Rush Limbaugh called her a slut on the radio.

Add to the Fluke fiasco the equally offensive “Life of Julia” campaign—which makes the case that women just won’t be able to get by without sugar-daddy Barack—and the female check box is looking to be the one most likely to blow up in Obama’s face.


And now we have the gay, or rather homosexual, box checked.

Vice President Joe Biden conveniently speaks out on television in opposition to Obama stance against same-sex marriage, opening the door for the president to announce that he has changed his mind.

Obama said he was going to eventually come out of the closet about his “evolved” position on gay marriage, but am I the only one that sees the timing of this as somewhat suspect given the rapidity that he has been checking the voter bloc boxes?

That’s about all the boxes there are.  I can’t imagine that Obama would have more to check. If he can find some more, you can bet he will be getting that red pen out.  The case could be made that their could be an extreme environmentalists box that was checked by killing he Keystone Pipeline.

Obama might be trying to figure out a way to use  Elizabeth Warren thing to check a Native American block.  That’s going to be tough to do even for a politician as unscrupulous as the president, but don’t put it past him.




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