Melissa Harris-Perry’s Latest Nuggets Of Anti-American Wisdom

This is what passes for education at Tulane. Only costs $22,620 in tuition per semester to expose your kids to this kind of enlightenment.

She’s wicked smaht.

We’re paranoid as a country, dontcha know. We’ve got to have somebody dark to hate. But lefties like Melissa Harris Perry aren’t haters – they just think we need to soak the rich because they’re all bad. And that’s not the same thing at all.

We declared war on Sikhs after 9/11. Did you know that? Some 83 percent of Sikhs live in India, and 72 percent of them live in Punjab Province. Did you watch us drop bombs in Punjab or send troops in there to commit “horrific racial violence?” Was that on MSNBC?

Nope. Not so much. But somebody might have said somethin’ mean to one of them behind the counter of a convenience store in a mistaken belief they were talking to an Afghan a week after the Twin Towers came down.

Don’t let that stop Melissa Harris-Perry, though. She’s rollin’. And like I said, she’s wicked smaht. If you don’t think so, if you think she’s a moonbat and a self-promotin’ moron, well then you’re a raaaaaaacist like everybody else in America.

And you can have her teach politics to your kid, for the low, low price of $1730 per credit hour.

UPDATE: Oh, by the way – Miz Wicked Smaht was speakin’ at a conference of certifiable asshats called the Take Back The American Dream Conference. Here’s what that confab, which ends today, is all about…

Two years ago, the corporate-backed Tea Party didn’t just win an election. It won the argument. Conservatives defined the agenda that we’ve had to fight against ever since.

This year, to save the nation, progressives must get back on offense and drive the agenda. We have to win not only in November … but also in December.

The first step to victory: Join us at the June 18-20 “Take Back the American Dream” conference.
At Take Back the American Dream, Van Jones, Paul Krugman, Sen. Bernie Sanders, Ai-jen Poo, Sandra Fluke, Gov. Howard Dean, Melissa Harris-Perry, Chris Hayes, Katrina vanden Heuvel and many more will share ideas and forge the strategy to make sure that the 99% is heard.

We’ll also have leading activists from Rebuild the Dream,, Occupy, 99% Spring, labor unions, civil rights and women’s rights groups who know how to win on the ground.

It’s About November — and December

In November, we have to win the White House — and win a big progressive majority in Congress. It won’t be easy, but the American majority is coming together.

Then in December, watch out.

Awesome, right?



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