Why Republican Women Will Run To Obama By The Half-Dozens—Even If They Aren’t Paid

By now, you most likely have seen the ad put out by Republican Women for Obama, in which a group of continuous conservative ladies denounce the Republican Party for becoming too radical and explain that they will vote for the president.

Any party that would pick Mitt Romney—the most unhinged man to explain Republican economic policy since Ben Stein—as its presidential nominee has definitely gone off the rails.

If you haven’t seen the commercial yet, take a look:

Great ad, but it’s a little vague as to the dept of extremism that the Republican has sank, aside from the contraception/abortion issue. We all know that women who believe in small government should be against the government deciding what they “can or cannot” do with their own bodies. Government should be just paying for what they do and shut the hell up.

It’s surprising that the Republican Women for Obama didn’t touch on more crazy beliefs held by these 21st Century Radical Republicans.

We’ve learned that they have even let the most fringe element of American politics—the tea party—have a hand in crafting their party platform. Almost every part of every plank suggested by FreedomWorks has been absorbed into the 2012 GOP platform to be unveiled at convention this week—the horror!

Here are the 12 planks from the radical agenda sure to rile every right-thinking conservative woman. Read them if your sensibilities allow, but be warned. This stuff was produced by a group that the media had been telling us comprises the most far-out wackos in the history of the Republic:

1) Repeal Obamacare; Pursue Patient-Centered Care
2) Stop the Tax Hikes
3) Reverse Obama’s Spending Increases
4) Scrap the Code; Replace It with a Flat Tax
5) Pass a Balanced Budget Amendment
6) Reject Cap and Trade
7) Rein in the EPA
8 ) Unleash America’s Vast Energy Potential
9) Eliminate the Department of Education
10) Reduce the Bloated Federal Workforce
11) Curtail Excessive Federal Regulation
12) Audit the Fed

Wow, that’s loopy stuff, alright. Interestingly, rounding up all non-white people into concentration camps didn’t make it on the list.  Must have been an oversight. That Ron Paul stuff about auditing the Federal Reserve is in there, though. Time to bring out the straight-jackets.

To start the whole thing off with repealing Obamacare—a law that the U.S. Supreme Court allowed to pass constitutional muster only by defining it as the largest tax increase in American history—how nuts is that, really? It’s a plank so extreme that it’s supported by over half of voters. There are lots of wackos out there.

Wanting to stop tax increases, demanding a balanced budget for a nation that’s $15 trillion in debt, reigning in the EPA, rejecting CAP and Trade, cutting back on federal regulations and employees—why would any “life-long” Republican woman support a crazy agenda like that?

A “flat tax,” please? Just like the one that Russia—that great outpost of far-right radicals—has.

The Republicans might have gone off the deep-end, but at least they rejected tea party’s policy of eliminating the the Department of Education. Maybe there is at least a smidgen of sanity somewhere in the party. I mean, what kind of radical any Republican woman could ever be expected to support would want to get rid of the Department of Education?

Oh, yeah. THAT guy. Kind of sounds like the same kind of nonsense that the tea party is saying. Nutso. No wonder Republican women are jumping ship and headed to the more moderate pastures of today’s Democratic Party.

The Democratic Party is the sensible party, as evidenced by main-stream groups like the Communist Party USA’s endorsement of Barack Obama for president.

The CPUSA has been on board with Obama from the being and endorsed him back in 2008, as well. The Communists don’t really field candidates anymore, since the Democrats are basically doing their work of them. Watch this clip from Glenn Beck’s old Fox News show from 2009, in which the chair of the party explains why he is so giddy that Obama was elected president. Communists just love to see a moderate get into office, don’t ya know.

They solve problems, just like Stalin:

Musing on Obama’s first term, the CPUSA leadership has said, “There could not be a better time to be communist in USA than this.”

With praise of our president emanating from such quarters, it’s little doubt that died-in-the-wool conservstive women will turn out to vote for Obama in numbers at least equal to those who were paid to make the Republican Women for Obama commercial.

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