Is This An Effective Ad?

You guys can judge on this one.

It’s more like something you’d see for a lower-tier race than in a presidential campaign. And it’s not a Romney campaign ad; it’s a PAC ad from a Tea Party group formed by Tea Party Express board members Lloyd Marcus and Joel Wierzbicki. The Campaign To Defeat Barack Obama has played in the Wisconsin recall race and has done some other anti-Obama ads.

Factually, the ad is true.

But will it convince anybody? If you can’t stand Obama you’ll probably love this. If you like Obama you’ll hate it.

If you’re persuadable?

If you’re persuadable you probably voted for Obama four years ago. Are you going to be receptive to the idea that you elected a guy who’s essentially fiddled while Rome burns? That would make you the idiot, wouldn’t it?

Those of us who didn’t vote for Obama are nodding our heads at that idea. But it doesn’t exactly give you a case of the warm-and-fuzzies, does it?

We’re on the fence on this. We think it might have been more effective as a spot earlier in the campaign. We think Obama is a lot less serious than a president should be about his job, and we think Benghazi is good evidence of a phoned-in presidency (and it turns out there is lots of footage of him on cell phones to illustrate that point).

But as a hard sell on the persuadables, we’re not sure. We notice that the Romney campaign and the RNC are both taking an extremely delicate approach to the disaffected Obama voters, in an effort to make them feel better about letting go of that 2008 choice. And we’re sure that approach is the product of intensive focus-group testing.

That doesn’t make it correct, of course. It’s just that this approach is different from what the big boys are doing.

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