SARGE: These People Are Anti-Me

I believe politicians are anti-me. They, through their exalted leaders Beaurat Obama and John Boehner, keep telling me they want to help me to help myself. Obama wants to assure I get my fair share and Boehner wants me to feel assured his party is on guard to prevent it.

The “it” I’m talking about is a fiscal rape called taxation. Taxes aren’t something we give the government willingly. Taxes are demanded by government assuring the power to direct my fate remains securely with the government.

That’s why I say they’re anti-me.

They couldn’t care less about the monetary and fiscal weight they load onto my shoulders (a member of the middle-class) as long as they can come out looking like they know what they’re doing. Notice please the drive is to “look like they know what they’re doing”. Reality is they have no clue.

Most are wealthy. They got that way by differing performances. Some are real workers pushed their way to the top of an industry. Others got copious amounts of money when ancestors kicked the bucket. Some have stepped into a fiscal state of nirvana because of perks granted based on having ascended to American Olympus aka Congress. They were allowed to involve themselves in “insider trading” because the same body they belong to generations ago absolved themselves and their progeny of conflicts of interest. (This is no longer true but they enjoy retirement accounts average Americans would die to acquire.)

Obama and his people are constantly looking to take the fruits of my labor and make a salad for people refusing to tend the grove. Jughead (Obama) is a millionaire based on a couple of published acts of fiction. He also is spending citizens’ money like he was printing it. (Oh! Never mind. He is printing it under the supervision of his lap-dog Bernanke.) So, as printing near worthless scrip causes inflation and devalues the scrip even further, my taxes actually serve fewer welfare leeches than in past years.

Thanks Jughead.

My protectors, Boehner, McConnell and Cantor are about as useful as any hemorrhoids could ever hope to be. It must be a real trial to participate in the direction of government when you’re paralyzed from the graying, scalp hair follicle to the soles of your pedicured feet. I’ve not seen less political acumen from delegates to Congress since the Continental Congress of 1774. They at least had the excuse for their problems because they were the first to try it. Immaturity of action is acceptable as you learn what goes where and how to make it work. The Three Caballeros have no idea of how to get anything done because they’ve never seen anything like Obama before this; and they’ve been in Washington for years. They too are anti-me.

The Republicans want to get me a job by increasing job availability. That’s great. But, am I the only one to hear the end of the statement: “increase jobs so they can make more money and pay more taxes”? Am I the only one catches that?

If you’re middle-class and believe there’ll be no piper to pay after all of this pursuit of a fabled “grand bargain” then I can only say you’re stupid, dull-witted and probably suffer from guilt feelings because you can’t save the world.

Get over it.

These fools in Washington want no more than to develop a balance between the wealthy and the slackers with the people in the middle acting as the support fulcrum. This balance places a severe strain on the fulcrum because the fulcrum supports the weight of the entire governmental structure and its machinery keeping it in power. The strain is making it harder daily to brace the system further. They just demand more and more from a finite number of people having something to remove from them until more and more join the ranks of those having nothing. This is their idea of equality.

Everybody is equally miserable except those at the very top of the heap.

Their being in it for themselves makes them anti-me. You should see it the same way: they’re really anti-you also.

Thanks for listening.

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