More From Glenn Beck On The Al-Harbi Case

From his TV show last night, lots of interesting information on items surrounding the Boston Marathon bombing. Starting with the mosque – the Islamic Society of Boston – which is a cesspool of jihadist rhetoric.

And then moving on to Abdulrahman Ali Al-Harbi, the “Saudi National” who popped up on the radar early last week and then was so summarily dismissed by the media at what looks like the behest of the federal government. More on that here and here.

Goes through a fairly detailed timeline of the Al-Harbi case, which whether you like Beck or not you’ve got to agree something is very unusual here…

It needs to be said that this is not just a case of Beck cooking up a conspiracy theory. Whether he’s on to something or all wet, he’s definitely not all alone. Beck is getting this information from people inside the government who smell a rat. Some of them are members of Congress on the Homeland Security Committee, and they’ve asked Napolitano for a classified briefing on the Al-Harbi case…

At the end of the day, though, Beck has a fairly heavy burden here. First of all, nobody else in the media is pulling on this thread – and we saw with Benghazi that when the media isn’t curious about something which is, well, curious where government action is concerned, nothing much happens. That means the Al-Harbi thing will likely go away unless something breaks loose with McCaul, Duncan, Miller and King attempting to get answers in public from the Obama administration – and that’s a probable long shot; just consider Fast and Furious and you’ll see how effectively this group can obfuscate information.

And second, Beck says he has a copy of the deportation order. But he can’t do much with it, because – and we’ve been told this by a separate source on the Hill with whom we’re on friendly terms – it’s been classified. If you work for the government and you disclose classified information you’re on the hook for a felony charge. So if Beck were to publish the deportation order, the chances are pretty good whoever gave it to him would likely be found out and then they’d end up a defendant in a criminal trial.

His credibility isn’t worth sending somebody down the river for 20 years. The public’s right to know about Al-Harbi might be, but Beck’s source is the one who should get to make that decision.

And that means Beck might be up against a wall on this one.

Look, sometimes Beck goes off the deep end, and because of that it can be easy to dismiss him when he has something legitimate.

This is legitimate. This isn’t just Glenn Beck. There are members of Congress involved in this inquiry, and they’re asking the same questions about Al-Harbi.

This story might go away, because Beck can’t carry it alone. But since it’s quite obvious there is a network behind the Boston Marathon bombings, and since a guy with obvious ties to jihadist terrorism happening to be on the scene at the very time other jihadist terrorists were blowing up the Boston Marathon without any connection to it is a coincidence so wild most people would scoff at the chance, it deserves a further investigation.

And because the feds seemed awfully motivated to flush Al-Harbi out of the system last week, that investigation could tell us things we’d really rather not want to know.

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