Cassidy Joins ‘Abolish The IRS’ Push

Earlier today, the Senate Conservatives Fund debuted a new web site at In less than a day it has over 23,000 signatures of people who are willing to sign on to a petition to get rid of the worst agency in the federal government.

And just now, somebody interesting just signed on to the petition.

Namely, Rep. Bill Cassidy, the leading Republican Senate candidate in Louisiana. From Cassidy’s Facebook just a few minutes ago…

I just joined Senator Ted Cruz and signed the petition We need to replace the agency with something truly apolitical and limited in scope. Since there’ll be no IRS, the new entity will not have the mandate to enforce ObamaCare.

This is a bit significant for a couple of reasons.

First, part of Cassidy’s hill to climb in advance of next year’s election against Mary Landrieu is to shore up his “street cred” with some of the state’s most conservative voters who think he’s a little too centrist for their tastes. That weak spot led to a lot of discussion about Jeff Landry or John Fleming entering the race to Cassidy’s right, which didn’t happen, and former Air Force Col. Rob Maness has actually entered the race and positioned himself as a Ted Cruz-type insurgent candidate.

So by joining the Abolish the IRS crusade, Cassidy is stepping to the right to shore up that relationship to the base.

But it’s a bit more than that.

There is something large bubbling up about the IRS right now, and while it’s too early to say there will be a groundswell of support for killing that agency it’s definitely not going to be a black-helicopter idea or something politically suicidal to advocate abolishing the IRS in this election cycle.

Remember that the IRS scandal is just beginning, and the Democrats are already making some major mistakes in trying to put it to bed. The spreading of the media narrative that Republicans are “overreaching” by making a big deal out of this scandal, which was the Left’s program yesterday, doesn’t look like such a great idea in light of today’s bombshell hearings at the House Ways and Means Committee, at which some very eloquent, sympathetic witnesses who had been persecuted by that agency got to tell their story – and when obnoxious Democrat jackasses like Jim McDermott, Charlie Rangel and Roy Blumenauer tried to blame the victims of the agency’s targeting for engaging in political activity as part of their operations for which 501(c)3 and 501(c)4 status was sought, they didn’t just get slapped around by Reps. Paul Ryan and Aaron Shock but also by one of the witnesses.

Here was the National Organization for Marriage’s Dr. John Eastman absolutely ripping Blumenauer to shreds…

And here was Eastman doing something similar to Rangel…

Video like this doesn’t make the Republican response to the scandals look like “overreach,” and it certainly doesn’t have the effect of making the IRS thing go away.

And for Cassidy, there is more of a reason to get on this train. Specifically, Mary Landrieu has taken $23,000 from the National Treasury Employees’ Union, making her one of the top recipients of their campaign largesse if not THE top recipient. And given that Landrieu was the deciding vote on Obamacare, which puts the same people behind the IRS scandal in charge of administering one-sixth of the nation’s economy and hasn’t recanted even amid the disclosure of how bad this situation actually is, politically Cassidy has nothing but broken field to run in where the IRS issue is concerned.

So it’s great politics for Cassidy. It’s also great policy. The IRS needs to go away, and that’s becoming more and more obvious by the day.

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