How’s About An Allegory?

Not a biblical one. From a friend on Facebook…

Two guys are in a canoe and they are paddling down a river. They are heading towards a waterfall that, if they continue, will destroy them and their boat. Nevertheless, they are both getting along well and working well together…paddling to their demise.

By some strange twist of fate, one of the guys vanishes from the canoe, and is replaced by another guy. Only this new guy knows there is a waterfall, and this guy starts to paddle in the opposite direction — briskly!

The new guy explains to the original guy exactly why he is doing what he is doing — utter destruction lies downstream — and asks the original guy to help him paddle back upstream…or at least to the river bank.

The original guy objects, saying that the canoe was making great progress before, and saying the new guy is an obstructionist, the new guy is an obstacle to the canoe’s progress, and that this is the problem with new paddlers…they don’t know how things are done in this canoe, and they don’t know how to get along with others.

Before the original guys were blissfully ignorant of the impending waterfall. Now they are on notice…what should we infer from their actions?

Folks, I’m not talking about canoes, paddles, rivers, or waterfalls.

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