Sebelius’ Testimony Today Boiled Down To This…

It was rather late in a long session which began with the Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius apologizing for the fact her department can’t build a website and continuing through Sebelius’ subsequent attempts to escape detailed questions about the poor performance for which she’s apologizing.

But when Rep. Renee Ellmers (R-NC) got to question Sebelius, she hit upon a central issue in the policy-cancellations – namely, that the difference between “good” insurance that the Left demands you have and “substandard” insurance they have no compunction about denying it to you very often is the inclusion of things you do not need.

Like, for example, maternity coverage if you’re never going to get pregnant and don’t have anybody else in your household who can…

There was more – like for example when Steve Scalise and Mike Rogers torched her for the failures of, or when Rep. Cory Gardner – who doesn’t take the Congressional health plan and just got a cancellation letter for his individual policy – induced her to flat-out lie about whether it would be legal for her to become a consumer of the overpriced insurance she’s selling to the public.

Or when the site crashed as Sebelius was denying it had ever crashed.

But at the end of the day it was Ellmers’ question which boiled the whole thing down to its fundamental absurdity. The federal government is attempting to cram one-size-fits-all health insurance that most people don’t need down the throats of the public, and consumer dollars are going to be wasted. This, to fix a system which is already distorted by the presence of too much government money and regulation.

The market isn’t going to tolerate this level of stupidity by government. Not when respect for the feds is already at an all-time low.

Next year, when single men are being dictated to purchase health insurance which includes maternity coverage or have the IRS assess a fine (which they don’t have the power to enforce and, apparently, are legally barred from enforcing in states which didn’t set up exchanges, it’s going to look a lot like what happened when the NYPD tried to stop the annual Broadway Bomb, an eight-mile joyride by longboard skaters through Manhattan, earlier this month…

It’ll be Sebelius in one of those cop uniforms. And there will be a Benny Hill soundtrack to the whole thing.

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