SARGE: Mother Russia And Russian Muthas

The headline on the Daily Caller site said: “Obama strikes against Russia, cancels June summit in Sochi”. I thought, “at last the man’s going to do something about the unrestrained and vile incursion of Russian troops into Ukraine, specifically in the region of Crimea.” Then I realized something very important.

There are NO Five-Star golf courses in Sochi. So the idea of Obama actually cancelling a vacation is moot. This is especially recognizable as FLOTSOM (First Lady of a Socialist Overbearing Megalomaniac) MeShill Obama probably doesn’t like borscht nor can she spend a great deal of time shopping because Russian Haute Couture is defined by fur-topped Mukluks and bikinis or Speedos ® best left unworn by 75 year old great-grandparents sunning themselves.

Politics and the intrigue accompanies it is like an iceberg. What you see is an incredibly small representation of what actually lays beneath the surface.

Politics, like icebergs, are very unstable and prone to the elements they endure. Because each political element has variant and correspondingly difficult influences involved with it, each will carry a different threat when approached. What happens today may affect nations bordering the Ukraine such as Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Belarus, Russia, and Moldova. Each of these nations was swallowed whole after World War II and has a very grave stake in what happens in Ukraine today. Generally speaking, icebergs are influenced by forces exterior to their mass just as nations and states are susceptible to the actions of neighboring nations. Witness their wariness of events unraveling in Ukraine.

Communist Russia annexed the aforementioned sovereign states and declared them, under force, to be satellites of the muthas in Russia. Trade was suppressed as Russian style collectives supplanted the native agricultural and industrial programs once providing a principled economic system. Under collectivism crops were impounded, later distributed nowhere near the needs of the people. Much of the product went to other nations pressed beneath Stalin’s oppressive and controlling thumb.

Now, in Ukraine, apparently a new tyranny is established. But is it really a new tyranny, or has the shape been altered by internal and external forces changing the topography of the mass? The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics ceased to exist on 26 December 1991. That created a major problem in Russia as it lost much of its influence in the areas it once controlled with an iron hand.

For awhile old school Politburo elements tried desperately to enter the 20th Century. They failed miserably because the economy was hamstrung by collectivist economic policies bolstering a paranoid national defense theory and a military industrial complex supplying none of the goods the people wanted. Nobody outside of the former USSR wanted to buy the products seen as inferior or at least, outdated by world standards. Hence the drive to turn their backs on Russia and the rejection of Russia’s economic guidance and influence.

Enter the “new” school approach of second generation Secret Police agents inserting themselves into the political realm. Putin and his contemporaries were once the James Bonds of Russian society. They were important, even if only selfishly, and commanded fear they mistook as respect in society.

These people have studied western economics and hitched their wagon to the star of capitalism even though it’s a peculiarly Russian form of capitalism. It’s a severely constrained capitalism allowing only those who were in the know before the fall of communism in Europe and Russia to participate. They gobbled up the industries formerly controlled by the State, incorporated them under Russian law and are backed up under Russian political-military strong men.

Witness Putin’s rise.

This is all about economics and Putin’s control of it so he can control more and more of the day to day operation of the Russo-European element of world economics. Remember: “An army marches on its stomach” (Napoleon); he who controls the supplies controls the army. And he who controls the army controls the nation AND to an extent the futures of all nations bordering the nation with the strongest army.

The Titanic was struck by a prominence below the surface and we all know how that ended.

Thanks for listening.

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