SARGE: When Things Gang Aft Agley

I sent out a column yesterday titled: “Reefer Gladness”. There were a total of 777 words in this column. There was ONE (1) word out of place in a statement made in the column. One (1) word out of 777 and I have been hauled up short because I made a mistake. I admit it. I blew it and I’m sorry.

No joke. No smart-aleck remarks to be made. I made a mistake. “The point is Finland has volcanoes.” (My mistake.)

To [email protected], in Kentucky I answer your query: “Really? Name one. Maybe you confused Finland with Japan. Maybe you confused Volcanoes with Reindeer. Let me say this simply and clearly. There are no official volcanoes in Finland. NONE. De Nada. Zilch. Zero. How can I take any of your arguments seriously when you can’t such a simple fact straight?”

The proper terminology should have been geothermal venting. My apologies. I admit to making mistakes and hope to learn from them. Find me some liberals who do the same. Thank you for your commentary. I hope to not let you down again.

But; why the crap about Japan and Reindeer? I’d suggest any argument should be taken seriously EVEN THOUGH a writer may make a mistake. I can certainly appreciate I let you and myself down with an error. What’s up? YOU never made a mistake in all of the efforts you’ve made to try and express yourself? It’s okay. I’m over it but if your mind shuts down at the point of noting an error wouldn’t it be better to ask for a clarification, like: “are you sure you mean Finland and not Iceland (which is what I was thinking)?

Iceland carries a PM10 Index showing a position 9 places worse than the United States and 6 places worse than Finland. Iceland also has a population approximating 320 thousand people. Yet they hold the position of being more pollutant than the United States. Don’t believe me because I made a mistake once? Go to: and look up World Health Organization – PM10 Index and see the evidence for yourself. At 0600 hours and without a cup of coffee I have been known to screw up. How about you?

The point of the entire matter is these Senators have placed themselves in the public eye and make efforts to appear knowledgeable and oh so altruistically selfless. They expect the words they speak and the acts they commit should be engraved on tablets so the millennial progeny to come may always marvel at their accomplishments. (Yes. That’s snark. I admit it.) I admit they may be making mistakes. But, they do it to distract us from the real issues and they DO profit in many ways when they do this.

Politics is a matter of sleight-of-hand performed to get done things maybe better off not done. It’s been noted throughout history as Robert Burns said in: To a Mouse On Turning her up in her Nest with the Plow. Burns said,

Mousie, thou art no thy lane, 
In proving foresight may be vain;
The best-laid schemes o’ mice an’ men
Gang aft agley,

And lea’e us nought but grief an’ pain
For promised joy!

He’s saying “sorry mousie, didn’t mean to, don’t run away I’m not going to come after you and says; “mousie” you’re not alone, in proving foresight may be in vain, the best laid plans of mice an “gang aft agley” (often go to shi#e) – and leave us nothing but grief and pain, instead of the promised happiness.

So, in my own way I ask you please don’t give up on me because things “gang aft agley”. Don’t give up on anybody trying to gain their best value from elected officials whose self-appointed main purpose is to drive things “agley” for their personal benefit. Stand, challenge and make known your expectation of quality, dedicated public service, and not the level of self-service and nest-feathering we see taking place now.

In closing this, I again offer my apologies for the error, I was typing faster than thinking.

Thanks for listening.

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