Lenar Whitney’s Immigration Video

One thing you’ve got to give Whitney credit for is that she doesn’t offer a lot of ambiguity on her political positions.

Not a lot of nuance with her. When she came out against the Obama administration’s climate change agenda, she didn’t just oppose it – she said global warming is a hoax. And in so doing picked a fight with Russell Brand on the issue, which served to earn her some free publicity.

Now, it’s immigration. And to call her position hawkish would be an understatement. Not only is she for deportations, she’s for putting employers who hire illegals in jail. That, and denying the illegals access to the social safety net.

That’s a pretty hard-core position. It might even be a majority position in the 6th District – the debate on immigration has shifted greatly in the past couple of months since the Central American invasion into Texas began in earnest, and not in favor of a more liberal position on immigration.

It still seems like a consensus could be built around enforcing current immigration laws as much as possible, and getting firm control over the border – and once it’s generally understood that you simply cannot move to the United States on the basis of a trespass, there might be room for some sort of limited accomodation for the folks here. How limited that accomodation might be is a worthy subject for debate, but the vast majority of Americans and one suspects an equally, if not more vast, majority of folks in the 6th District would agree that enforcing that border would be the first step to any solution.

So Whitney might have something with the hard-core position.

But putting folks who hire illegals in jail?


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