Harris Brown May Have More Support In Congressional Race Than We Realize

Monroe businessman and Congressional District 5 candidate Harris Brown had a fundraiser last night. Doesn’t sound like a big deal, as candidates running for elections always have fundraisers. However, Brown may have more support in the race than we thought.

Republican strategist and political commentator Mary Matalin headlined the fundraiser for Brown. But, this is not the important part. What is most interesting is where the fundraiser was held: the Squire Creek Country Club in Choudrant.

The Squire Creek Country Club is owned by the Davison family, who own one of the largest businesses in North Louisiana (Davinson Trucking) and are the biggest power brokers in the 5th congressional district.

James Davison is also very close friends with Adam Terry, who is Rep. Vance McAllister’s Chief-of-Staff.

The fact that the Davison family appears to be throwing their support behind Brown means his campaign might have more life than people give him credit for.

Just a couple of weeks ago, Brown was only at about 9 percent in a poll which had McAllister leading with 27 percent of the vote.

Brown, though, has garnered the most campaign cash than any other candidate in the race. After deducting both money reserved for use in the December 6 general election and expenditures to date, Brown has $208,931.73 in campaign funds that can be spent in the November 4 primary election.

Brown could potentially be the McAllister in this race, as when the ‘kissing congressman‘ first ran, his win was a shock to political insiders who had their eyes set on Neil Riser.



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