Y’ALL WILL LOVE THIS: Grand Theft Obama

This is about what you could expect. It’s got somethin’ for everybody.

First, you gotta see the TV news report settin’ this thing up. It’s PERFECT.

Wanna Top Three from this? OK, we can do that…

1. OF COURSE they dressed Obama up as Santa Claus!
2. How ’bout the cute cub reporter from the TV station in Wilkes-Barre workin’ her butt off to make a bigger market with all the serious attitude about some prank? Classic, or what? They’ll have her coverin’ Gaza for CNN by Halloween!
3. Kinda hard to find any neighbors to go on camera about Grand Theft Obama, huh? Looks like they were scrapin’ the bottom of the barrel with the two short-bussers they found.

But we’re just gettin’ started with this. It gets sooooo much better.

Because, as you see above, they found Obama. He wasn’t gone, he just went on vacation.

From my Facebook…

BEAR CREEK — A life sized statue of President Obama was stolen off the front porch of a Pennsylvania woman’s home earlier this week.

The statue has now turned up in a neighboring town sitting at a picnic table holding a nearly empty bottle of an alcoholic iced tea.

WNEP-TV first reported the statue missing Tuesday from the home of Tiffany Bruce of Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania.

Bruce told WNEP-TV when she first realized the 12-hundred dollar statue was gone she went into a panic.

“I couldn’t breathe, and I had to go to the hospital,” said Bruce

Bruce said she saved up for months to buy the statue.

It gets even better. Here’s Mediaite’s writeup

Luckily for her, her precious Obama wasn’t used for political art or vandalism, but rather had gone out to get a six-pack of Twisted Tea and some cigarettes. It was found chilling at the Francis E. Walter Dam, doing some daydrinking.

The pack o’ smokes is the cherry on top of this. At least for me it is.

We just don’t have enough classic hijinks like this anymore. We’re all worse off for it. But at least somebody is out there keepin’ hope alive.

So Miz Tiffany’s gonna get her Obama back. If she chains him to the porch, here’s hopin’ Al Sharpton an’ Spike Lee show up an’ demonstrate.

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