How Bad Is Wendy Davis’ Campaign?

At this point it almost defies description.

By now you’ve probably seen this campaign spot which goes after Greg Abbott, her Republican opponent in the Texas gubernatorial campaign, over the fact he’s in a wheelchair…

Safe to say the ad didn’t go over well. When MSNBC does a segment where a panel eviscerates you for how classless your ad is and how it’ll make your own voters squirm, you’re doing it wrong…

So now Davis is in damage control mode. And today, she rounded up a bunch of handicapped supporters for a press event.

And then this happened…

The RealClear Politics poll average in the race has Abbott at 51.3 and Davis at 40. But the last poll in that number was completed Oct. 2. One imagines the real numbers are far, far worse for Davis, whom Chris Stirewalt nominated as a finalist for this year’s Todd Akin Award.

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