MORE RACE-BAITING: The Voter Rights Project Strikes Again

We’ve shown you several examples so far of the mail pieces and other literature circulated by shadowy left-wing union-funded groups busily attempting to dragoon Louisiana’s black community into duty as Democrat foot soldiers for this year’s elections, including a particularly egregious one by a group calling itself the “Voter Rights Project.” The outfit doesn’t exist according to the FEC or Louisiana’s Board of Ethics, but it certainly seems to be extant based on the activity in mailboxes throughout the state.

Well, the shadowy group is out with a new attempt to gin up black voters on Tuesday, and this one might get the prize for most shameless appeal yet…

jindal prison cells

Here’s the back…

prison cells back

“Jindal and the other politicians” means Bill Cassidy. We know this, because the accusation that “Now, some politicians want to turn SUNO and Grambling into prisons” is a reference to a letter Cassidy wrote to the State Times way back in 1991, long before he got into politics.

The Advocate reprinted the letter online last week when a similar mail piece made a similar accusation…

Closing redundant schools a good idea

Publication Date: May 29, 1991  Page: 9-B  Section: NEWS

State-Times: Higher education is repeatedly emphasized as key to Louisiana’s economic growth. Nonetheless, due to other pressing needs, our universities are funded 30-40 percent less than the regional average. Let’s try something else: Lets close some of them. Do we really need LSU-Eunice and LSU-Alexandria _ not to mention making one of them a four-year institution? Does northwest Louisiana require Grambling, Louisiana Tech, Northwest Louisiana University, LSU-Shreveport and Southern University-Shreveport? Make two of them junior colleges and close two more. Why stop there? Do away with Southern University-New Orleans. There are two other, predominately black, New Orleans universities, and another, much more respected state university. The money saved from these and other closures could improve the remaining schools. Without an increase in overall state expenditures,their funding could be raised towards levels needed for first-class institutions. Spare university buildings can be used for junior colleges, minimum security prisons, research facilities for private industry, turned over to local school boards or anything else that will benefit the state. By closing redundant educational facilities, Louisiana can have better universities without more taxes or state debt. The alternatives are clear. William M. Cassidy 3115 Dalrymple Drive Baton Rouge, LA 70802

So what Cassidy said 25 years ago – which wasn’t a suggestion to turn SUNO and Grambling classrooms into jail cells but rather to close some of the superfluous public college campuses and use their buildings for other governmental purposes as needed including, maybe, minimum security prisons – is turned into “Now, some politicians want to turn SUNO and Grambling into prisons. Classrooms into prison cells.”

Frankly, it’s an insult to the black community that whoever runs the Voter Rights Project has such meager respect for their intelligence so as to believe such things. To drop a mail piece this provably ridiculous not once but twice in the space of 10 days isn’t a surprise, but it is certainly remarkable.

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