SARGE: Riding Shotgun

I awoke this morning and conducted my early morning program. Sit, shower, shave and ship out shipshape. Turn on the coffee, take my medications, and kick-start my computer to assess the latest damage done by politicians looking to cover their asses before they saddle-up to conduct their regular pilgrimage to their Mecca: Washington D.C.

I started reading the site “ROLL CALL” while awaiting the coffee to finish brewing. Under the specific site: ROLL CALL: 218 (Because that’s the only number matters in the U.S. House) It’s attributed to Matt Fuller.

After reading the erudite explanation of how partisan politics has infected the dialogue rather than determine what it’s going to take to make the people in power (who coincidentally are scratching and clawing the earth to cover the big doo-doo pile they’ve left behind on this issue) can better assure America doesn’t become the next Ebola disaster, I found this commentary by a citizen named Layla. (I’ve cut/pasted her commentary as follows.)


“I have some breaking news for Congress: Nobody is listening to you or the President anymore. We have seen lie after lie go unpunished. There is zero accountability, zero credibility in Congress and this administration.

The southern border invasion continues, while the Obama’s, Reid, Pelosi and Feinstein toast to “border security”. You continue to ignore our current immigration laws while you discuss amnesty for illegals and ignore the wishes of American families. 92 million of them are still without jobs and you provide more visas to American companies so they can bring in more foreign labor to steal American jobs.

You build housing for illegals, while American families go homeless. Record numbers are on food stamps.

And now you are failing in your only Constitutional duty, to protect the borders of the United States of America and to keep the people safe.

This is all happening on your “watch”. Why would anybody want to reelect any of you? Seriously.”

So; I had my column written for me. I thank Layla, Matt Fuller and ROLL CALL 218 for this understanding of what’s happening and what’ll continue to happen as long as politics supersedes common sense. It’ll continue to happen as long as posture in public disguises the uprightness of character in reality. It’ll continue as long as people allow it to continue rather than exercise their God-given and Constitution driven, codified and elaborated upon rights and responsibilities to self-govern rather than hand the reins of government to the highwaymen robbing us of those very rights. We must “ride shotgun” on this stagecoach to protect these rights and show we demand accountability from these people.

But, this is business as usual. Determine who’s got the loudest voice; who has the greatest pull with the people, who’s got the volume to overwhelm the peoples’ protests and shout loudest; “it’s the other guy that’s to blame!” That’s their battle cry. And, it serves nobody but them.

We need a standardized quarantine program that protects Americans. I’m sorry to say this because it sounds callous and cold: but I care about Americans and not as much about foreigners. We get derision and criticism rather than thanks for our aid. We finance our enemies because our leaders can’t figure out it’s the guy with the gun shooting at you is the enemy. It’s the guy with the gun whose followers share his ideology as they shoot at you is the enemy. It’s the guy with the gun who is the hero of the guys in the street calling for our heads to be cut off at the shoulders is the enemy. And it’s the guys keep putting themselves in front of the people they claim to represent, but really serve no others than they, are the enemies of America.

Ebola is the latest episode indicating just what and who is the real enemy of the people. Those that hold meetings rather taking concrete, constructive actions to protect the AMERICAN people are the enemy and should be deposed.

Thanks Layla. I agree with your last statement: “This is all happening on your “watch”. Why would anybody want to reelect any of you? Seriously.”

Thanks for listening.

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