SARGE: False Piety

Each day the sun rises. Each day hope escapes to be chased and sought after as a balm for the inequities we suffer from those we trusted and no longer accept as just and honest.

These people we call politicians. I had an elected official tell me once he was proud to be a politician. “Politicians help people” he said. So far he’s one of the few that helps people. But in helping people he’s come to the point of codependency. He’s come to the point he needs the good will of the people he cajoles and bribes with his political largesse and refusal to allow people the necessary awareness that people must be accountable for their actions.

Due to this; people DO NOT hold politicians accountable for their actions and possibly duplicitous misdeeds. Quid pro quo is the term. It’s Latin for: where one transfer is contingent upon the other. English speakers use the term to mean “a favor for a favor” and other phrases meaning include: “give and take”, “tit for tat“, and “you scratch my back, and I’ll scratch yours.”  (Wikipedia 2015)

Our system of political corruption started long ago. It’s rooted in the greed and avarice of one to assure he has been paid well will expect more for what he’s done for the individual. It goes back to neoliths asking a greater “cut” for the food delivered for the tribe on a successful hunt.  It selections of leaders percentages were balanced and brought to the circle to assure the privileges of leadership accumulated the benefits for service and production. Those who give expect to have more given them.

A legislator gets funding to improve roads in his area and he can claim he’s the only one could have gotten it done. He expects to be sent back to the legislature over and over again because he’s so good at what he does. The fact of the matter is the money’s there and any idiot can get his constituents’ share of it. You just have to win elections. So, you go out and promise more and more and do whatever it takes to get the next vote.

Get a person out of a speeding ticket? No problem. See to it the ditches are dug in one area donating more campaign funds than another more impoverished area and see who gets the work done first. Campaign and posture for social causes simply because they have more active campaign workers in specially selected ethnic areas? Reap the benefits of ethnic bloc voting and you see where this all goes.

Integrity and veracity mean nothing. Ethnic blocs once noted for their religious communalism and strength of character have come to sell out to the highest bidders where social welfare and the financing of profligate lifestyles are supported on the taxpayers’ dime. Keep me supported through my many dalliances and the birth of fatherless children and see how well I support you at election time.

We accept the psycho-babble that it’s only right and charitable to support those who make mistakes.

I think it’s more important we teach these people to correct their mistaken notion the world owes them something. Sure; give the “hand-up”. But, too often that” hand-up” becomes the “hand-out” crippling the person needs to be held accountable and taught their way has no true profit to it. But we remember; “give the man a fish and he eats for a day, teach the man to fish and he can feed himself for a lifetime”. But we don’t enforce that.

We bait the hook. We drop the line in the water and then sit waiting for the man to appreciate us for our doing the work, earning the reward and then giving it away so we can sanctimoniously self-righteously congratulate ourselves at how generous and caring we are when we’re really enslaving these people because they never learn how to survive without taking from others to get what they want.

They’re never happy with what they need: they want what you’ve got and they’ll destroy this nation to get it if you don’t get off of your dead butt and stop them.

Charity comes from the goodness of a clean heart; not the back pocket of a people trying to buy their way to heaven with false piety.

Thanks for listening.



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