The 5th Planned Parenthood Video Is, Again, The Worst One Yet

This is 15 minutes long, and it makes abundantly clear why every organization tied to Planned Parenthood who is also impacted by these videos is rushing into court in an effort to have them suppressed.

But the Center for Medical Progress has so many videos that if a judge blocks the release of one, they can just reach into the bag and release another.

This time, the subject is Planned Parenthood of the Gulf Coast, the Houston-based organization which is attempting to build one of their abattoirs in New Orleans.

Last week, in advance of the Texas legislative hearing they refused to attend, PPGC denied they’re in the “fetal tissue donation” business, which is what they euphemistically call the selling of body parts from babies they’ve killed.

In Texas, the state Senate convened a hearing “to investigate whether state or federal laws are being broken by Planned Parenthood and/or its affiliates in Texas in regards to the donation and/or sale of fetal tissue.” But according to Planned Parenthood, none of its Texas affiliates participate in fetal tissue donation, though a Planned Parenthood facility in Houston said it had been visited by “Biomax,” the fake fetal tissue procurement firm the Center for Medical Progress pretended to be.

Representatives from Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast refused to attend the hearing, though it sent written testimony. “This committee has made it abundantly clear that it has no desire to hold a responsible, fair, fact-driven hearing. It is clear that this committee cares more about political gamesmanship than the truth,” president Melaney Linton said in a statement. In Planned Parenthood’s absence, the San Antonio Express-News reported that the hearing turned into a “brainstorming session for Republican lawmakers to discuss how to further restrict abortion in Texas and defund Planned Parenthood.”

And yet here is 15 minutes of video exposing people for the shameless liars they are. Mike Lee, in his outstanding speech eulogizing the failure to get cloture for a bill denying federal funds to Planned Parenthood yesterday, made a spot-on reference to Solzhenitsyn’s quote about the close relationship between violence and falsehood – that quote reads as follows

But let us not forget that violence does not live alone and is not capable of living alone: it is necessarily interwoven with falsehood. Between them lies the most intimate, the deepest of natural bonds. Violence finds its only refuge in falsehood, falsehood its only support in violence. Any man who has once acclaimed violence as his METHOD must inexorably choose falsehood as his PRINCIPLE. At its birth violence acts openly and even with pride. But no sooner does it become strong, firmly established, than it senses the rarefaction of the air around it and it cannot continue to exist without descending into a fog of lies, clothing them in sweet talk. It does not always, not necessarily, openly throttle the throat, more often it demands from its subjects only an oath of allegiance to falsehood, only complicity in falsehood.

Keep Solzhenitsyn in mind as you have a look at the colossal difference in message between the Planned Parenthood “research director” helpfully discussing how to skirt the laws and maximize revenues from selling body parts and its regional president attempting to deny that activity exists at all…

The lies don’t just come as the spouse of the violence you see on that petri dish. They come from a knowledge that these videos are the end.

This isn’t just a moral outrage. It’s a direct violation of federal law.

Our pal Donny Ferguson, via Facebook, points out a crucial piece of what’s happening in this video…

“If we alter our process, and we are able to obtain intact fetal cadavers, we can make it part of our budget.”
– Melissa Farrell, Director of Research, Planned Parenthood of the Gulf Coast (Houston)

1) Altering an abortion procedure for the purpose of harvesting organs or tissue is a federal crime. (42 U.S.C. 289g–1)

* Performing a partial-birth abortion, which produces an intact fetal cadaver, is a federal crime. (18 U.S.C. 1531)

* Delivering a live infant, and then killing it, which produces an intact fetal cadaver, is a federal crime (1 U.S.C. 8)

2) Charging for fetal tissue or organs at a price beyond the costs of storage and shipping is a federal crime. (42 U.S.C. 289g-2)

The knowledge we will see much more – there are at least 12 videos in all and this is only the 5th one – gives us reason to believe the end is approaching for Planned Parenthood. But they won’t go quietly, and they won’t go without a heroic fight put up in their defense by the Democrat Party, whom they own completely.

Here in Louisiana, a long-overdue dissolution of the contract between Planned Parenthood and the state Medicaid operation was finally effected yesterday. The gubernatorial candidates are beginning to weigh in on the question of the state doing business with these people – Scott Angelle today vowed never to allow a contract between Louisiana and Planned Parenthood if he were to be elected, and it’s certain that the other two Republicans will issue similar statements. John Bel Edwards will thus be put to an interesting question since he has the most to lose in following suit.

And in the meantime, that abattoir under construction in New Orleans is going to continue serving as an open sore for our entire state. The violence and mendacity on display in Video No. 5 by the very operator building the New Orleans abortion mill makes that undeniable.



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