VIDEO: Rand Paul Is Really Tired Of Being Asked If He’s Still Running For President

Yesterday, Rand Paul livestreamed parts of his day on the campaign trail. A segment of the livestream where Paul is answering the top Googled questions about him has gone viral.

Paul reads a question about whether he’s still running for president. Here’s the video of that.

Yes this was an idiotic campaign stunt. But the Paul campaign is trying to make the most of it.

In a sense I feel sorry for Rand Paul. Senator Paul is clearly a man who is interested in policy and interested in making the country a better place. He’s not in it for a Fox News gig or a book deal, unlike some in the field.

Whenever I watch his campaign go from one campaign stunt to another in an attempt to stay relevant, it’s heartbreaking. You have to feel for the man because he’s been reduced to essentially a circus clown just to get attention. But politics is full of good people who fail for various reasons and that’s the story of Paul’s presidential campaign so far.

Rand Paul’s voice is important and definitely deserves a place to be heard. Before he ran for president, he was a leader on everything from civil liberties to criminal justice reform. Paul’s voice is also important on an issue where many conservatives disagree with him, foreign policy. It’s good to have another voice on the subject to urge restraint where people like Lindsey Graham and Marco Rubio would not.

Most voters though think that the place for that voice is in the Senate. Unless Paul starts becoming more of viable candidate in both fundraising and polling in the next month or so, he should pack it in and focus on returning to the Senate.



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