EXCLUSIVE: Nonprofit Hiding Money Trail For New Orleans Monuments Has Long History Of Funding Mitch Landrieu Supporters

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A plan to pass money through a nonprofit organization by an anonymous donor chosen by Mayor Mitch Landrieu to pay for the removal of four historical monuments in New Orleans has more to the story than it appears.

Landrieu said he would have an anonymous donor pay for monuments to be removed months ago. The Hayride exclusively reported that Whitney Plantation Owner and Democrat-funding attorney John Cummings was that anonymous donor, though Cummings denied the claims.

Now, in order to hide the money trail for the removal of the four monuments, the ‘Foundation for Louisiana’ nonprofit organization has stepped up to allow the money to “pass through” them in order to turn around and give that money to Landrieu to pay for removal.

Coincidentally, Foundation for Louisiana has given to Landrieu’s monument removal supporters back in 2015 while the fight over monuments was taking place and has direct ties to Landrieu.

The group “STAND With Dignity” and “Take Em Down Nola” were both partner groups under the “New Orleans Workers’ Center for Racial Justice” group, which often holds rallies comprised for immigrant and illegal immigrants demanding the state to cease deportations.

STAND With Dignity and Take Em Down Nola both fought to remove the monuments in the city, supporting Landrieu’s plan, claiming they were racist nuisances that upheld white supremacy.

Foundation for Louisiana gave the New Orleans Workers’ Center for Racial Justice a $2,000 grant in 2015 to fund “the People’s Summit on the Black Jobs Crisis.”

Likewise, the Urban League of Greater New Orleans, which applauded Landrieu’s call for the removal of monuments back in June when he first announced the plan, was given a $5,000 grant by the Foundation for Louisiana last year.

Also, back in 2012, Foundation for Louisiana gave the Urban League a $15,000 grant. Though, the funding of the Urban League is no surprise. President of the Foundation for Louisiana Flozell Daniels, Jr. serves as Ex-officio for the Urban League’s Board of Directors.

And Daniels was appointed specifically by Landrieu to co-chair a Racial Reconciliation Committee for the city’s 300th anniversary.

Getting political pals involved in the workings of city government is not new business for Landrieu.

Months ago, the Hayride exclusively reported on the close ties Landrieu has with the rich and powerful elites of the city who were involved in every step of the way to remove historical monuments in the city.

Despite a lawsuit opposing the removal of monuments, Landrieu said he will begin removing Lee Circle, PGT Beauregard’s City Park statue, the Jefferson Davis monument and the Liberty Place monument soon.

The New Orleans media finally reported yesterday on the fact that H&O Investments crews are already looking into removing the monuments for the city.

The Hayride reported that the city has been working with H&O Investments as far back as September, before the monuments were even approved for removal by the New Orleans City Council. At the time, no other media outlets reported the incident.



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