New Orleans Suspending Applications For Streetlight Banners After These Pro-Life Signs Upset City Officials

The city of New Orleans is suspending all applications for streetlight banners along St. Charles Avenue after some city officials and abortion advocates claimed pro-life signage was “offensive” and a “nuisance” to women.

Ben Clapper with the Louisiana Right to Life said he spoke directly with Mayor Mitch Landrieu and was assured that their signage would remain posted until their expiration on Jan. 31, as the banners did follow all criteria that the city requires.

“The ‘controversy’ sparked by these banners was welcome news for us, as numerous articles and television stories included photos of the banners,” said Clapper in a statement. “Our hope is that the beautiful photo of the 19-week unborn baby girl on the banners reminded citizens that unborn babies are not just a blob of tissue. They are innocent human beings who deserve a shot at life just like humans who are already born.”

The pro-life signage stated the fact that a unborn child’s heartbeat begins after 22 days of conception and depicted a 19 week old unborn child.

However, the New Orleans Abortion Fund claimed the banner was “inappropriate.”

Additionally, New Orleans City Councilwoman Stacy Head (D), thought to be less liberal than many of her fellow city council members, said the pro-life signage was “offensive” to her as a woman and that she felt “discriminated against” because of the banners.



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