The Low Popahirum, January 4, 2015


“President Barack Obama launches an aggressive rollout strategy this week meant to contain the political fallout from upcoming executive actions on gun control and to cast himself as the voice of common sense in a raging culture war.” – Politico

“The group of 17 detainees expected to be transferred out of Guantanamo Bay as early as this week includes ‘multiple bad guys’ and ‘Al Qaeda followers,’ a source who has reviewed the list told Fox News.” – Fox News

A story such as this one surfaces from time to time and it’s one the left will latch onto as strong as possible making the case it is about religious discrimination and not anything else – just so long as the religion involved is Islam. That’s the story with 150 Muslim employees at a Cargill meat processing plant in Colorado.” – Red State

Donald Trump is beginning his sixth month atop the polls in the Republican presidential race. Voting in Iowa is less than 30 days away. If the much-vaunted GOP establishment, dead set against a Trump nomination, wants to stop him, time is running out.” – Washington Examiner

“Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee called the 2016 election cycle perplexing Sunday due to voters shying away from candidates with past political experience.” – Des Moines Register

Who the heck do they think they are?” –

“Since it opened in 2000, the Oresund bridge between Sweden and Denmark has been a towering symbol of European integration and hassle-free travel across borders that people didn’t even notice were there.” – Associated Press

We have a crisis on illegal immigration. Neither party is serious about stopping it. I strongly oppose illegal immigration. I categorically oppose amnesty. I support legal immigrants who come here supporting the American Dream.” – Hot Air

“The remote high desert of eastern Oregon became the latest flashpoint for anti-government sentiment as armed protesters occupied a national wildlife refuge to object to a prison sentence for local ranchers for burning federal land.” – The Blaze

“Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton says she will ‘get to the bottom’ of UFOs and space aliens during her presidential term, because we may have already experienced the quiet visitation of extraterrestrial beings.” – Breitbart


“The following is a transcript of this morning’s news briefing provided by the New Orleans Saints:” –

“Former New Orleans Saints linebacker Junior Galette took the occasion of the end of the NFL regular season to trash his former team in a Snapchat rant.” – Fox8Live

C.B. Forgotston knew more about Louisiana government and politics than just about anyone, after years of working as a state legislative staffer and business lobbyist.” – The Baton Rouge Advocate

“Bossier City detectives are asking for help identifying a man they believe stole a diamond ring from a store inside of Pierre Bossier Mall.” –

“Some folks near Mooringsport woke up Sunday morning to witness a truck going into a bayou.” –

As a fan, a New Orleans Saints season that doesn’t include playoffs or a winning record, can’t end any better than with a win over the Atlanta Falcons because Matt Ryan threw a game losing interception. Sunday’s game was pretty awesome wasn’t it? The Saints defense even looked not terrible! 2016 has started on a high note. Before we get to Sean Payton’s future, the final football game we will really care about until September had lots of interesting things happen in it.” –

“Police are looking for a suspect in a Saturday afternoon shooting in Plaquemine that injured one person.” – Fox8Live

A 33-year-old man gunned down after telling the alleged shooter to quit selling drugs in an apartment building parking lot. A 21-year-old man shot outside a church gym while leaving a basketball league. The ex-wife of a Baton Rouge car dealer found in a shallow grave in what authorities called a murder-for-hire scheme.” – The Baton Rouge Advocate

“2016 Mardi Gras Parade Schedule” –



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