Governor Honor Code Might Repeal Jindal’s Religious Freedom Executive Order, Eventually

Louisiana’s far-left are now learning what most Louisianians have already known for some time, Governor John Bel Edwards is a serial liar. Last year, Governor Bobby Jindal signed a “religious freedom” executive order which basically forbid the state from denying or revoking tax exemptions, contracts, or employments based on their same-sex marriage beliefs.

The issue is back in the news again because today Georgia Governor Nathan Deal vetoed a similiar bill. The main difference between Georgia’s bill and Louisiana’s proposed version, that was defeated last year in the Legislature, is that Georgia’s went much further and allowed faith-based organizations that receive state funds to deny services to those who violate their sincerely held religious belief and to fire employees not in line with those beliefs. Not exactly apples to apples, but okay.

Back when Jindal signed the executive order, the ACLU of Louisiana, Equality Louisiana, and the rest of the far-left crowd demanded its removal by the next governor. Governor Honor Code promised to rescind it.

WAFB checked up to see if it has been rescinded. The answer is, you guessed it, nope.

Gov. John Bel Edwards still intends to rescind a “religious freedom” executive order instituted last year by former Gov. Bobby Jindal,  according to a spokesman for the governor.

The Marriage and Conscience Order, signed in the summer of 2015, prevented the state from denying or revoking tax exemptions and deductions, contracts, and employment to individuals who opposed same-sex marriage.

Some, including the group Equality Louisiana and the ACLU of Louisiana, criticized the executive order calling it discriminatory against the LGBT community.

In December, Edwards indicated that he would rescind the executive order once in office. His spokesman said in an email Monday they are “working through it.”

If Governor Edwards doesn’t rescind it, it expires 60 days after the end of the Legislative Session. This is probably what Governor Honor Code will do. He’ll just let it expire on its own.

How does it feel to be duped, libs?

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