Marco Rubio Announces He Will Back Trump If He’s The Nominee

If anyone was looking at Marco Rubio as some kind of a #NeverTrump 3rd party nominee, Rubio just dashed those dreams on CNN. He announced in an interview with Jake Tapper that he will stick to his pledge and back the GOP nominee, which appears to be Donald Trump.

From The Hill:

Rubio argued he was compelled to support Trump in light of others, such as Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), who caused waves last week by saying he wasn’t ready to endorse the businessman. Ryan and Trump plan to meet Thursday on Capitol Hill.

“The different between Speaker Ryan and myself is I ran for president, I signed a pledge,” Rubio told CNN. “I said I would support the Republican nominee and that’s what I intend to do.”

Still, Rubio argued that Trump’s statements carry more weight now that he’s the party’s presumptive the nominee, and he said he hoped Trump would “accept the gravity of that.” Rubio has spoken out against Trump’s remarks on foreign policy.

In fairness, Rubio’s endorsement of Trump wasn’t exactly a warm one. He did whatever he could to avoid mentioning his name in the interview.

Much of the reason why Rubio’s backing of Trump was because of the pledge he signed. But I would argue with Trump’s personal attacks and his own backtracking off the pledge, that pledge was null and void. Also “Mr. Trump” has done much in the past couple of months that would make it easy to argue that he’s unfit to hold the office of president.

Also, if Rubio believes the things he said about “Mr. Trump” during the campaign, why is he endorsing him? Is he lying to the voters now or was he lying back then?

Which leads to the exit question. Just how big and how strong is the #NeverTrump movement in the GOP? Will the party and conservatives get behind Trump in the end because they hate Hillary Clinton? How many others will decide to drink the Kool-Aid and climb on board the Trump Train?

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