The Low Popahirum, June 16, 2016


The turnover could be the highest since the 2010 midterm elections.” – Politico

Federal investigators continued Wednesday to methodically retrace Orlando terrorist Omar Mateen’s recent activities and contacts, while zeroing in on his wife, who may have known about her husband’s evil plan well before he burst into a gay nightclub in Orlando and killed 49 people.” – Fox News

Tensions flare as the party hires a fired Trump aide and uses vendors linked to #NeverTrump, while fundraising flags.” – Politico

Officials are still searching for the body of a 2-year-old Nebraska boy who was dragged into the water by an alligator Tuesday night at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa in Bay Lake, Florida.” – ABC News

Venezuelan security forces have arrested at least 400 people after the latest bout of looting and food riots in the crisis-hit OPEC member country, local officials said on Wednesday.” – Reuters


“Donald Trump is on course to be routed at the ballot box in November. He trails Hillary Clinton by 12 points in the latest Bloomberg News national poll, and has only led her in four polls out of thirty three since April, according to Real Clear Politics. A new ABC News/Washington Post poll finds that his favorable rating has dropped to a paltry 31 percent among registered voters, with 69 percent viewing him unfavorably.” – The Weekly Standard

“On Wednesday, the Washington Post‘s media columnist, Margaret Sullivan, declared that Donald Trump ‘has benefited from oodles…of free exposure in the media.’ Another Post columnist, Dana Milbank, proposed that the media impose a Trump blackout in retaliation for the candidate’s attacks on the press. A political scientist’s report, published this week by Harvard’s Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics, and Public Policy, asserted, ‘Trump is arguably the first bona fide media-created presidential nominee…. Journalists fueled his launch.’” – The Atlantic

“It’s hard to say something about the bankruptcy of Gawker Media — following a lawsuit by Hulk Hogan, secretly financed by PayPal founder Peter Thiel — without saying everything about it. This story has so many layers it’s like a law school exam for spotting issues. Let me offer six observations:” – National Review

Around a third of the population have trouble sleeping, including difficulties maintaining sleep throughout the night. While night time awakenings are distressing for most sufferers, there is some evidence from our recent past that suggests this period of wakefulness occurring between two separate sleep periods was the norm.” – Real Clear Science

“With one image and three words set against a stark white backdrop, the Boston Globe’s Thursday front page cover offers a bold, concise message: ‘Make It Stop.’” – The Blaze


Residents near Lake Pontchartrain are being advised to take a lesson from tragic alligator attack in Orlando that claimed the life of a little boy.” –

The tale of Dinner Lab, the Nola-based supper club start-up that expanded to 30+ cities and blew through $10 million of investors money before shutting down in April 2016, keeps getting uglier by the minute.” – Nola.Eater.Com

“The Latest on the special legislative session on taxes:” – The Baton Rouge Advocate

“On the morning after Christmas, scientists at Advanced LIGO observatories in Livingston Parish and Hanford, Wash., recorded chirps that were created 1.4 billion years ago when two black holes spun into and merged with each other on the far side of the universe. The merger created gravitational waves that traveled through spacetime to Earth, the scientists announced Wednesday (June 15).” –

Louisiana’s prisons chief said Wednesday that state’s refusal to install air conditioning on death row isn’t politically motivated even though a lawsuit over the facility’s dangerous heat levels already has cost taxpayers more than $1 million.” –

Today, Retired Colonel Rob Maness, candidate for US Senate for the State of Louisiana, is starting his Contract with Louisiana campaign to explain to voters why he should be elected this fall.  On Tuesday evening, Stephen Sabludowsky, Publisher of interviewed Maness about these and other issues.” –

Driving conditions in Louisiana got panned Tuesday in a national survey — again.” – The Baton Rouge Advocate

The 2016 Louisiana Legislative session was a huge success for life, with all bills in Louisiana Right to Life’s Legislative Package approved overwhelmingly by legislators and supported by Gov. John Bel Edwards.” – National Right to Life News

Louisiana’s Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority staff is rewriting the rules for spending as much as 10 percent of the money that the state receives from offshore oil revenue on coastal infrastructure projects directly affected by wetland losses. The authority could be presented with new rules in July or August, officials said Wednesday (June 15).” –

“As crime in the United States exploded in the 1970s, police forces across the country were completely unprepared.” –

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