Anti-Confederate Activists Plan To Demolish Andrew Jackson’s Statue In New Orleans

We told you that the people who wanted to demolish Confederate monuments in New Orleans were not going to stop with those monuments. They were going to eventually target Andrew Jackson’s statue in Jackson Square. But we didn’t think they would get started so soon.

Angry by court delays, the activists at Take ‘Em Down NOLA say they will demolish the iconic statue if the Confederate monuments are not demolished by September 24th. On that day, Take ‘Em Down NOLA says they will pull down Andrew Jackson’s statue during a demonstration.

From The Advocate:

Take ‘Em Down NOLA, which has led calls to remove the four statues and other honors to people it considers were white supremacists, will make an effort to tear down what may be the city’s most recognizable statue during a protest later this month in Jackson Square, organizers said.

Legal delays have kept statues of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee, Confederate President Jefferson Davis, Confederate Gen. P.G.T. Beauregard and a monument to a militia known as the White League standing nine months after the City Council authorized their removal from their public locations.

“We’re going to go to Jackson Square. We’re going to put ropes around Andrew Jackson and we’re going to take him down off his pedestal,” Take ‘Em Down organizer and longtime civil rights activist Malcolm Suber said during a public forum the group held Thursday night.

The demonstration, scheduled for Sept. 24, will come a few days before judges of the U.S. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals are scheduled to hear arguments over whether to lift an order that halted the removal of the other four statues.

No one expects Take ‘Em Down NOLA to actually be able to demolish the statue, but they’re clearly laying the groundwork to go after Jackson’s statue through the legal process.

“Why would we want to continue to honor this person?” asked Suber, who said removing a statue so associated with New Orleans would send a wider message and serve as a “shot heard round the world.”

The Take ‘Em Down NOLA crowd wants a cultural revolution in which they erase every aspect of history they disagree with. The Confederate statues were just the latest phase in that. To them, history begins and ends with slavery and the overall context of the period is irrelevant. It is usually never wise to judge historical events by modern day morality.

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In a cultural revolution, you must demolish all symbolism of the past. It’s why the Taliban destroyed old Buddha statues in Afghanistan and ISIS demolishes historical monuments. To build the new, they must destroy the old.

Hopefully, the latest bit of jackassery from Take ‘Em Down NOLA will open everyone’s eyes to their real agenda.

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