Hillary, Who Wanted The US To Fly Air Support For Al-Qaeda, Pretends To Be Tough On Terrorism

Hillary Clinton held a news conference this morning at the airport. There she pounded her chest, gave herself a pat on the back for killing Osama bin Laden, and talked tough on terrorism.

She shouldn’t be doing this in her old age. She might throw her shoulder out.

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Hillary’s rhetoric on terrorism is complete fiction. As I pointed out today at Rare, no one else running for president has done more to enable and encourage Islamic terrorism than she has. In fact, she even wanted the U.S. to serve as al-Qaeda’s air force in Libya and Syria.

She supported the War in Libya: Then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was one of the leading proponents of U.S. military action against the Libyan government in 2011. Among the Libyan rebels Hillary supported were fighters with links to Al-Qaeda. After the rebels won, Benghazi became an epicenter of a gun running ring that sent weapons to Syrian rebels. ISIS has even taken control of parts of Libya.

She supports continued U.S. military action in Syria: Hillary has been a supporter of military action to force Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad from power. The rebels opposing him have ties to both al-Qaeda and ISIS. The U.S. has been shipping weapons to the Syrian rebels since 2012 and many of those weapons have fallen into the hands of extremist groups. Other U.S. provided weapons have ended up on the black market. The most powerful Syrian rebel faction is al-Qaeda’s former Syria franchise. There are no good guys fighting in Syria and it would be insane to support one faction over the other in that war.

You don’t get to brag about your anti-terrorist credentials if you support flying air cover for jihadis.

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